TreeFix 0.1

Replant trees and fix half chopped trees. Keep your world around common places like spawn clean!

  1. Rojoss
    Replant trees and fix half broken trees.

    Don't you hate it how there are no trees left around common areas like spawn?
    Or even worse people leave the top block so the leaves don't decay.
    This plugin will fix it in the most cases.

    • Supports all types of trees including large mushrooms.
    • Most likely will support your custom trees too unless they use like fences or non leaf/log blocks.
    • You can break any log block and it will scan for a tree not just the bottom block.
    • Advanced tree scanning to make sure it's an actual tree. It checks for side branches and so on. (It's written very efficient so don't worry about performance)
    • Configure the amount of delay when a sapling/mushroom will be planted back.
    • Configure the delay to be random by specifying a min and max delay.
    • Supports bigger logs like large jungle trees and will respawn the correct amount of saplings.
    • Option to remove remaining logs if a player didn't chop the whole tree down. You can specify how many logs can be removed max.
    • Option to recreate broken logs if the amount of broken logs is too little.
    • Configure which worlds trees will be fixed in.
    • Configure which types of trees will be fixed.
    • Configurable messages.
    • Command to reload the config.
    • Extremely user friendly and easy to use

    Installation (No required dependencies)
    Just drop the plugin jar file in your plugins folder and restart the server.
    The plugin is developed for 1.8.8 but it should work for older versions too!
    If not just let me know and I'll add support and fix it.

    Bugs & Suggestions
    If something isn't working please let me know and I'll fix it as soon as I can.
    Also if you have suggestions for changes or new features let me know!

    Planned features
    • Nothing planned currently.

    /treefix /tf [help]
    Permission: none
    Displays all the commands. (not that many :p)

    /treefix reload
    Permission: treefix.cmd.reload
    Reload the TreeFix.yml and Messages.yml config files.

    /treefix info

    Permission: none
    Displays plugin information.


    Apart from the command permissions there are no permissions.


    There are 2 configuration files in the plugin folder.
    For messages and such make sure you don't put single quotes!

    Use a single quote twice like I''m to get a single quote!
    Also make sure the indenting and such is correct!
    If there are errors it's most likely because you made a mistake in the configs!

    This file contains all the messages that you can configure.
    The only message you can't configure is /tf info so that you can't get rid of the credits.
    But apart from that feel free to change everything or translate it.

    This is the main configuration file.
    I'll explain each option below.

    A list of worlds that trees will be fixed in.
    Remove a world to prevent trees from being fixed in that world.

    A list of tree types that will be fixed.
    Remove a type to disable the fixing for that type.

    The amount of logs that can be removed when the tree is only chopped down half.
    For example if it's 2 and there are 3 logs remaining on the tree then it will fail to plant a sapling and not remove any logs.
    So, if you don't want this feature just set the count to 0.

    replantDelay min/max
    The delay in seconds to wait before trying to fix the tree.
    The minimum value must be lower or equal than the maximum value.
    For example if you put 10 for min and 20 for max it would randomly respawn between 10 and 20 seconds. Put both min and max to the same value to not have it randomized.

    It doesn't work...
    Check your console/log if there are any errors and if there are report them to me so i can fix it.

    Before you report make sure there are no errors in your configs!
    If there aren't any errors which would be strange tell me what doesn't work, what version you're using, what Spigot/Bukkit version you're using and any other useful information.

    Nothing happens when I break a tree?

    Make sure the tree types list in the config contains the type of tree you tried to break. (See config section for a list).
    Also make sure that the world you break the tree in is listed in the allowedWorlds.
    If it still doesn't do anything see if there are any errors and report them to me.

    Can you make the tree fell when breaking a block?

    Well I can, but I believe there are other plugins doing this already and I like to keep it basic. But the code is ready for it so it's only a minute to add support for it.
    If you really want it just request it.

    Can you make the leaves disappear when breaking a tree?

    It sounds really easy but it's not.
    There is no way to tell which leaf belongs to what tree.

    So if there are two trees close to each other it would either remove the leaves from both trees or it would just remove leaves in a certain area and that would look really weird.

    It doesn't work for my custom tree.

    Send me a schematic of the tree or a screenshot and I'll tweak the tree scanning to be more/less sensitive. It currently works perfect for all the default trees so it should work fine for custom trees too. But if not just let me know.

    Here are some public servers using the plugin so you can test it out!
    (If you run the plugin let me know and I'll add it!)

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  1. Resoluciones
    Version: 0.1
    Top plugin for trees. Great for survival! Thank you Developer and keep up the good work!
  2. DeinAmphetamin
    Version: 0.1
    I use the plugin for my server
    and it works really well and does what it is supposed :)