TreeMe 1.4.3

A competent timber plugin for you and your friends

  1. jonahisadev
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    • 1.16
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    A competent timber plugin for you and your friends

    TreeMe aims to be a lightweight solution to chopping down trees. It came about because my friend was complaining about the timber plugin he was using at the time. I decided to try and create a better one, and I do believe I achieved that goal. See a list of features, commands, and permissions below. If you use this plugin and discover any bugs, please feel free to submit an issue.

    • Fell trees by breaking a single log in a tree
    • Works in 1.16+ nether
    • Singles out trees instead of clearing forests with leaf overlap
    • Crouch to temporarily disable TreeMe
    • Use several commands to personalize your experience
    • Replant trees automatically, with the option to plant from a player's inventory
    • Does accurate damage to tools
    • Accurate tree drops
    • Integrates with WorldGuard
    • /treeme toggle - Toggle TreeMe features for yourself
    • /treeme replant - Toggle replant feature for yourself
    • treeme.use: Ability to use the plugin's features
    • treeme.admin: Use admin commands (not currently implemented)
    • WorldGuard (soft dependency)

Recent Updates

  1. TreeMe 1.4.3
  2. TreeMe 1.4.1
  3. Fixed Some Bugs

Recent Reviews

  1. pillkaris
    Version: 1.4.3
    Works well both in Nether and Overworld and it is very lightweight. However I think there's room for a few improvements:

    -Optionally being disabled by default in the config file.
    -Integration with Core Protect so that you can rollback cut trees.

    If you have a floor made out of wood logs and you break one block it happens that the entire floor disappears, quite a boomer but other than that it's perfect. Tool damage acts as if you broke each block independently.

    Great plugin, especially since the jar size update.
  2. llamamonium11
    Version: 1.4.1
    1. jonahisadev
      Author's Response
      Hi! If you could submit an issue with the entire error I can take a look at what's wrong and fix it up. Thanks for the positive review and I'm glad you've enjoyed the plugin!