TreeRepository 0.2

WorldEdit tool for placing custom trees

  1. boveybrawlers
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Source Code:

    TreeRepository allows players to place custom-made tree schematics using WorldEdit.

    Schematics included by default are from lentebriesje's Custom Tree Repository.
    • List trees in groups like African, European, North American, South American
    • Copy trees to your WorldEdit clipboard
    • Use a Tree tool (Wooden Hoe) to place a tree or a random tree within a group wherever you click

    Quick Guide: Use /trees and use the clickable buttons in Chat.
    • /tr list - List all groups
    • /tr group [name] (page) - List all trees in a group
    • /tr copy \[code\] - Copy a tree with name to the clipboard
    • /tr tool \[code\] - Receive a wand to place a tree wherever you click
    • treerepo.use - Use all features of the plugin

    Tree Icon by Ecem Afacan from the Noun Project
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