TridentTweaks 1.3.1

Turn tridents into a viable situational weapon!

  1. v1.3.1 - Add support for 1.17

    TridentTweaks now supports 1.17
  2. v1.3.0 - Use new method for void saving

    Now uses reflection instead of barrier block shenanigans for saving tridents from the void.
    Some users may see reduced tick times.
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  3. v1.2.1 - Fix potential trident disappearing

    Two edge cases were discovered which may result in the removal of a trident when thrown from the offhand with loyalty:
    1. If a player had multiple of the same trident in their inventory (same name, enchants, description, etc.) all would be removed
    2. If a player swapped an item to the offhand in the same tick the trident returned, the offhand item could be overwritten
    These have both been resolved.
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  4. v1.2.0 - Add enchanted hit particles

    Thanks to tedhong9 for the suggestion
  5. v1.1.0 - Add Bedrock Edition trident drop chance

    Added Bedrock Edition trident drop chance
    Thanks to ZenoCoding for the pull request