Troll+ [1.8.8] [Stoped Deving it!] 2.0

troll+ trollen fun , :D

  1. Redcastle
    larsjarred9 , redcastle
    This is the perfect plugin if you don't know what you should do and if you want to troll some users! You have many possibilies with this plugin, 25 commands . (i dont update it anny more)

    • Many commands
    • Permissions for every troll-command
    • commands with a delay where you can decide at your own how long something should happen
    • lightweight plugin
    • I made it :D
    Commands and Permissions

    Nonetroll.*permission node for all permissions

    /troll help [page]troll.trollhelpshows you all commands

    /burn [player]troll.burnto burn yourself or another player

    /freeze [player]troll.freezethe player will get potion effects (slowness, blindess... )

    /bolt [player]troll.boltstrikes a lightning at the player

    /specialtroll.special, troll.ak47to get an Ak-47 which shoots arrows and snowballs

    /fakeoptroll.fakeopto fake op someone

    /fakedeoptroll.fakedeopto fake deop someone

    /launch [player]troll.launchto launch a player (33 blocks up)

    /spam [player]troll.spamto spam a players chat

    /trollkick [player]troll.trollkickto troll kick someone (special kick message on the mc screen)

    /badapple [player]troll.badappleto add an apple to someones inventory, which will kill him if he eats it

    nonetroll.badapple.bypassif you have this permission you won't die when you eat the bad apple

    /boom [player]troll.boomto create an explosion at the players location

    /push [player]troll.pushto push a player

    /gokill [player] [delay]troll.gokillto kill the player [target] in [delay] seconds full automated

    /switch [player] [player]troll.switchto switch the locations from 2 players

    /denymove [player] [delay]troll.denymoveto deny a player to move for [delay] seconds

    /potatotroll [player]troll.potatotrollto replace every item in a players inventory to a potato

    /trap [player] [delay]troll.trapto trap a player between glass blocks (old blocks at the locations will be resetted!)

    /tptroll [player]troll.tptrollto get an item which shoots snowballs and if they hit a player he will be teleported to you

    /infect [player] [delay]troll.infectto add some bad potion effects to [player] for [delay] seconds

    /herobrine [player]troll.herobrineto become herobrine, if you run this command twice you will be a normal player again

    /fakerestart [time]troll.fakerestartto fake restart the server and kick every other player

    /turn [player]troll.turnto turn a player by 180 degrees

    /starve [player] [amount]troll.starveto slowly starve a player, one hunger each 1,25 seconds as often as [amount]

    /hurt [player] [amount]troll.hurtto slowly hurt a player, one live each 1,25 seconds as often as [amount]

    /void [player]troll.voidto slowly remove blocks under a player until he dies in void

    Simply drag and drop the .jar file in your plugins folder and restart/reload/start/restart your server.

    Download Goals:
    Old page + new Page

    [X]0 Downloads - dangit.

    [X]1 Downloads - First!.

    [X]5 Downloads - party.

    [X]10 Downloads - Omg.

    [X]20 Downloads - You are amazing

    [X]30 Downloads - Is this really happening?? (more developmend)

    [X]40 Downloads - Lol, i have to do more coding

    [X]50 Downloads - upgrading My Code and Server :D


    [X]100 Downloads - New Plugin!!!!

    []150 Downloads - ok i ned more updates :)

    []250 Downloads - JEZUS ! :)

    Test Server: (We can troll you there)! (24/7)

    plz make a tutorial of my plugin
    i dont have time to make that :C

    buy this project to keep it updated!
    hello if u want this project dm me your
    skype and im ganna talk to you!

    all donations on :
    are for the plugin and server!

    Update Log:
    Removed AutoUpdate !
    1.9.35: New HeroBrine command !


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  1. leowww213122
    Version: 2.0
    5 stars for not requiring any plugin (if there is one, I download it) the commands and permissions are fine :)