Troll - Trolls players 1.1.3

A handy plugin to have to troll players to the maximum! Never seen features getting added!

  1. SpiritzD
    SpiritzD and Zenom
    I've finally after hour and hours upon coding, I've finally made the best plugin that I could't think of.
    As a server owner we've all met on the kids that randomly joins your server asking for OP. well now this plugin has everything you've ever wanted to feed the trolls.

    - TrollPro Commands -

    - Sends a fake OP message. /trollop <PLAYER>
    - Sends a fake game mode message. /trollgm <PLAYER>
    - Sends fake money to a player. /trollb <PLAYER>
    - Sends a op title. /trolltitle <PLAYER>
    - Temporary blinds a player. /trollblind <PLAYER>
    - Sets the target on fire. /trollburn <PLAYER>
    - Strikes your target with lightning. /trollstrike <PLAYER>
    - Slows down your target for 30 seconds. /trollfreeze <PLAYER>
    - Spawns a tnt trap near targets location. /trolltnt <PLAYER>
    - Spawns a gang of zombies that attacks. /trollzgang <PLAYER>
    - Burys the target. /trollbury <PLAYER>
    - Spawns bats at targets location. /trollbat <PLAYER>
    - Gives you a OP sword, to knockback your enemies. /twgodsword
    - Spawns angry wolfes that attacks the target. /trollwolf <PLAYER>
    - If a player ever is hungry give him this. /trollchicken <PLAYER>
    - Spawns creepers at targets location. /trollcreep <PLAYER>
    - Displays all troll commands. /troll
    - Displays all troll commands page 2. /trollh2
    - /trollauthor
    - displays the authors of trollpro.

    - Permissions -

    description: Gives access to all /troll commands.
    description: Gives access to /trollwolf.
    description: Gvies access to /twgodsword.
    description: Gives access to /trolltnt.
    description: Gives access to /trollrof.
    description: Gives access to /trollbat.
    description: Gives access to /trollzgang.
    description: Gives access to /trollbury.
    description: Gives access to /trollfreeze.
    description: Gives access to /trollstrike.
    description: Gives access to /trollburn.
    description: Gives access to /trollblind.
    description: Gives access to /trollop.
    description: Gives access to /troll help.
    description: Gives access to /trollgm.
    description: Gives access to /trollb.
    description: Gives access to /trolltitle.
    description: Gives access to /trollchicken.
    description: Gives access to /trollcreep.

    - Updates -

    - Suggestions & Fixes -

    - Servers that's using this plugin -

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Recent Updates

  1. V. 1.1.3
  2. V. 1.0.7
  3. Version 1.0.6

Recent Reviews

  1. LordMew10
    Version: 1.1.3
    I really like you plugin but may you please update for 1.14 , or actually for 1.15
  2. MijnStadNL
    Version: 1.1.3
    Great! Its isnt bugging or lagging or what else! Im using it to troll players on my server! You need to make ik good
  3. dawidperez
    Version: 1.0.5
    What an awesome plugin ! No bugs and it doesn't crash :) the title update made me so happy. thanks! I will be using this at my server!
    1. SpiritzD
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the awesome feedback again DawidPrez! Made my day!
      If you ever want too change anything i'll happily update it for you!
  4. _Bot_
    Version: 1.0.4
    New version works great with no bugs. It would be nice to have no dependency, and to see the titles coded by you in the plugin so we dont have to use another plugin with it. Keep up the great work!
    1. SpiritzD
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the good feedback j-boy1234 ! Yes it would be really nice to have no dependency, I'll try to resolve this issue in V.1.0.5, I'll also change so you can edit the /trolltitle in the config.yml. Stay tuned!
  5. dawidperez
    Version: 1.0.2
    What an amazing little troll plugin you have here! No bugs and it runs how it should :) My suggestion is to add like a title so if you do /ftitle <Message> it will show up a Title Message like (YOUR OP) in big letters on screen ;)
    1. SpiritzD
      Author's Response
      Thank You So Much For The Feed Back :D!

      I liked your suggestion mate, i will add that to next update :D