Troll [v1.0] | Skript ⭐ 1.0


  1. UziPlex
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Languages Supported:
    Hello! Thank you for coming to read all of this all below will be about the skript and commands and more!

    Skript made by UziPlex!

    /troll < Turns ON/OFF troll mode!
    /troll help < Displays all of the commands!

    Now for the main commands

    /troll bows < Shows a menu with all trolly bows
    /troll sticks < Shows a menu with all troll sticks
    /troll crash <Player> < Crashes a player!
    /troll jail <Player> < Jails a player for 10 seconds
    /troll freeze <Player> < Freeze's player for 10 seconds

    Hvataj (1).png
    Sorry there is no configuration yet :(

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    Q: Will there be more updates?
    A: Yes there will be more updates coming!

    Q: Whats the permission for all the commands?
    A: The permission is troll.use

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