TrollCommands++ : Troll Your Frenemies! 7.29.56

For the people that really hate their friends

  1. Bug Fixes! Partial Bugeecord Updates!!

    * Started work on Bungeecord integration
    * Fixed /troll anvol on 1.8 servers
    * Fixed /troll bludger, /troll nightmare, /troll stampede, /troll surround, and /troll luckyblock throwing exceptions on rare occasions
    * /troll huttub, /troll portal, and /troll void now removing flying if present
    * Fixed /troll luckyblock not taking percentages correctly
    * /troll randombreak and /troll randombuild can no longer place portals
    * Fixed /troll lag throwing exceptions
    * Fixed memory leak in /troll lag
    * Fixed a bunch of bugs in /troll moist and improved it slightly
    * /troll empower now times out after 5 minutes
    * /troll lsd no longer throws exceptions if the chunk isn't loaded
    * Fixed inventory functions throwing exceptions
    * Fixed /troll void, ./troll portal, and /troll hottub throwing exceptions if the player is already below bedrock level
    * Fixed exceptions not being sent off correctly
    * Fixed a bunch of exceptions relating to base library functionality
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