TrollCommands++ : Troll Your Frenemies! 7.29.56

For the people that really hate their friends

  1. Bug Fixes! OVERHAULS!!

    * /troll midastouch now uses only fake blocks
    * Completely overhauled exception handling system
    * Overhauled fake block/entity system
    * Removed redundant text from warnings/errors
    * Fixed scheduler for updates not re-running after next 24 hours
    * Started switching to new isConsole()
    * Fixed color issue with /troll anvil's text
    * Fixed version/author in bungee.yml
    * Updated base libs
  2. Bug Fixes & Conversions!

    * Updated base libs
    * Better speech model caching and error handling for failed downloads
    * Fixed NPEs with in-memory language databases
    * Fixed exceptions with enum filters that had bad class types passed in
    * /troll anvil now puts blocks back
    * /troll randompotion no longer takes the item in creative
    * Started command conversion to new handling
  3. Overhaul & 1.13

    Note: I'm still working on some small issues with this version. Please be patient.

    * 1.13-compatibility
    * Completely overhauled several systems
    * Increased size of GUI
    * Many, many bug fixes etc
    * Super-jar that works on both Bukkit and Bungee
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  4. Cross-Server Support! MOAR PERFORMANCE! Reduced File Sizes!!

    * Added /gtroll for cross-server support!
    * MANY bug fixes
    * Huge performance improvements from new base libraries and in the plugin
  5. Minor Bug Fixes!!

    * Fixed an issue with /troll stop not working
    * /troll annoy and /troll haunt now only play sounds for the player they target
  6. OVERHAULS! Faster Code!! Moar Betters!!!

    * Codebase overhaul
    * Multithreaded tasks are now wayyy faster, especially when multiple tasks are done at once
    * /troll freeze now prevents players from dropping items
    * Minor bug fixes, but nothing super noticeable unless you've run into the rare one or two
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  7. Bug Fixes! Partial Bugeecord Updates!!

    * Started work on Bungeecord integration
    * Fixed /troll anvol on 1.8 servers
    * Fixed /troll bludger, /troll nightmare, /troll stampede, /troll surround, and /troll luckyblock throwing exceptions on rare occasions
    * /troll huttub, /troll portal, and /troll void now removing flying if present
    * Fixed /troll luckyblock not taking percentages correctly
    * /troll randombreak and /troll randombuild can no longer place portals
    * Fixed /troll lag throwing exceptions
    * Fixed memory leak in /troll lag...
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  8. NEW COMMANDS!! Minor Bug Fixes!

    * Added new command: /troll trip
    * Added new command: /troll spawnbreak
    * Fixed a few minor issues with UUID comparisons
    * Moved some code around
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    * Fixed issue with opening GUI using only /troll <player> and player name being a number
    * /troll lsd now updates blocks for all players (not just the player affected) - this means all players can "see" the effect around the trolled player
    * Fixed issue with /troll nightmare not properly removing entities when a player quits
    * /troll lsd now removes the effect (re-updates blocks) when the troll is cancelled
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    * Added new command: /troll lsd
    * Fixed minor bugs in /troll public and /troll radiate
    * Solved some minor performance issues regarding a few commands
    * Fixed issues in underlying libraries
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