TrollCommands++ : Troll Your Frenemies! 7.29.56

For the people that really hate their friends

  1. Performance! Bugs! Wait, What?

    * Performance improvements for /alone
    * Plugin now uses UUIDs instead of names
    * /night now lasts through re-connect attempts
    * Fixed postntial bug when /void and /portal are used twice in a short period of time
    * Fixed bug with /amnesia using the receiving player's name instead of the sending player's name
    * Fixed bug with /infinity not correctly caulculating the player's hight and potentially killing them mid-command
    * /ininity now has a (slightly) new text associated with it, making the...
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  2. More informative! More helpful! More updateable!!

    * Now utilizes iDisguise's official repo
    * Disables /scare and /control commands when supporting libraries aren't provided since it would provide unexpected behavior
    * Produces much more helpful and detailed information about errors for server operators
    * Update checks are validated correctly, eliminating false positives
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  3. Moar commands! Options! Stuff!

    * Performance improvements
    * Added /scare command
    * Now can utilize either LibsDisguises or iDisguise
    * No longer throws a fit when no disguise library is installed
    * PlayerLoginEventCommand is now PlayerJoinEventCommand as per best practices
    * Fixed versioning (oops!)
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  4. Boring Stuff

    Changed MCStats to bStats.
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  5. Ready for 1.11.2!

    TC++ is now 1.11.2 ready! Hopefully.. ! Also now uses LibsDisguises version 9.3.0
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  6. Bug Fizes & Update to 1.11

    Some minor bugs fixed + update for 1.11 support. Enjoy!
  7. Minor bug fixes

    Minor performance improvements & some bug fixes.
  8. Major overhaul - MOAR EFFICIENCY!

    Major codebase overhaul, including some small bug fixes and a ton of performance improvements. Enjoy!
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  9. New LibsDisguises version ;)

    Updated slightly for the release of LibsDisguises 9.0.7
  10. Compatibility fix, nothing major ;)

    Fixed some incompatibilities with 1.8