Trollfinity 1.0

Troll your friends with tons of trolls! Minecraft troll plugin 1.16

  1. LynMaster2000
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Trollfinity brings you tons of different troll commands in which you can use on your friends and get priceless reactions! It is very lightweight and incredibly userfriendly.

    Discord: LynMaster2000#7298 for support!

    - Make players drop their food
    - Set players on fire
    - Send players FLYING
    - Close chests players are using
    - Swap items in players hands
    - Jumpscare players
    - Make players chat messages have lots of spelling mistakes
    - Force players to send chat messages
    - Make players unable to pick up items
    - A lot more trolls!

    Commands & Permissions
    or /TF help - Trollfinity help menu - trollfinity.use
    /TF push - trollfinity.push
    /TF closeinv - trollfinity.closeinv
    /TF ignite - trollfinity.ignite
    /TF chatter - trollfinity.chatter
    /TF nopick - trollfinity.nopick
    /TF fakeleave - trollfinity.fakeleave
    /TF creepertroll - trollfinity.creepertroll
    /TF jumpscare - trollfinity.jumpscare
    /TF dropfood - trollfinity.dropfood
    /TF forcechat - trollfinity.forcechat
    /TF fakeop - trollfinity.fakeop
    /TF starve - trollfinity.starve
    /TF helmetswap - trollfinity.helmetswap
    /TF turn - trollfinity.turn

    (trollfinity.use is required to use the plugin in general)

    Trollfinity 3.png

    Example from the "/chatter" command
    Makes small subtle changes to the target player's spelling and grammar. Hillarious, but not too obvious

    Trollfinity 2.png
    Without /chatter

    Trollfinity 1.png
    With /chatter