TrollMaster 3.5 Release

Ein kleines Troll Plugin um andere Spieler ein bisschen zu verwirren.

  1. CreepyCat
    Native Minecraft Version:
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    About this Plugin:
    This is a small plugin to troll / punish your users or friends! You have 12 commands for your troll-behaviour and the best is, it's in development, that means, there will be updates in the future! There will be more features and commans to use. With your help, we will make it the best plugin on the internet.
    The description of the commands in the game is in German.

    /troll - activates the trollmode(you are invisible for other player)
    /freeze - the player can't move
    /anvil - the player will follow a line of falling anvils
    /burn - burns the player
    /fakeop - sends the player a message that he got op
    /bolt - the player will be hit by a lightning
    /crash - will kick the player and send them an error
    /drug - the player will get nausea, weakness and slowness
    /dropinv - drops the inventory of the player
    /dropitem -drops the item in hand
    /randomore - sets the oredrops to random
    /launch - shoots the player in the air

    Fell free to send me feedback of the plugin! :D

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed issues with /anvil and /freeze