Trolls v1.1

Easily troll your players!

  1. C7dev
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    - Trolls -

    Easily troll or annoy your players! With so many ways to troll a player with this plugin, you can even start using it as a tool!

    This plugin is mainly for 1.12 servers, and is not tested on 1.13, although will likely work on 1.13 servers.

    Features All troll types
    - FakeOp - Send a fake op message
    - NoItems - Make a player not be able to pick up items!
    - CloseInventory - Force-close a player's inventory
    - Title - Send a title to the player
    - Subtitle - Send a subtitle to the player
    - IP - Send a fake broadcast message to the player, saying their ip
    - Exit - Force a player to leave their vehicle (minecart, horse, etc.)
    - AllSpam - Make all online players say a message
    - AllCMD - Make all online players run a command
    - SendMsg - Send a fake chat message to the player
    - FakeAnnounce Send a fake announcement to the player
    - ClearExp - Clear a player's exp level
    - Push - Send a player flying!
    - setTabName - Set the tablist name for a player
    - annoy - Play annoying sounds to the player
    - flip, flipup - Flip a player's direction
    - chat - Make the player say something
    - falseban - Kick the player saying they're banned (customizable)
    - creeperbomb - Summon a custom amount of creepers at a player.
    - chickenbomb - Summon a custom amount of chickens at a player.

    Use /troll <player> <troll name> to troll somebody.

    - troll.use - Allow use of /troll command
    - troll.type.<troll name> - Allow use of a troll type. Example:
    - troll.type.* - Allow use of all troll types.
    - troll.notify - When the player is being trolled, they will be told who is
    trolling them.
    - troll.allspamexclude - Let the player be excluded from allSpams.
    - troll.allcmdexclude - Let the player be excluded from allCMDs.
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Recent Updates

  1. Creeperbomb/chickenbomb update
  2. Added prank types
  3. Trolls Update 1.3

Recent Reviews

  1. Spooner
    Version: v1.1
    Looks like fun, just installed it on my server. Cant wait to try it out! ( I do hope full 1.13 support becomes a thing, and 1.14 as well!)
    1. C7dev
      Author's Response
      I haven't tested the plugin on 1.13 yet, although it's likely that it works on 1.13, since most of the code from 1.12 lines up with 1.13. There might be some small changes from 1.12 code to 1.13 code, although I don't know.