Trolls v1.1

Easily troll your players!

  1. Creeperbomb/chickenbomb update

    Added troll types:
    - falseban - Send a false ban message (customizable) to the player saying the anti-cheat has caught them hacking.
    - creeperbomb - Summon a custom amount of creepers at a player.
    - chickenbomb - Summon a custom amount of chickens at a player.
  2. Added prank types

    Added prank types:

    - flip (flip a player's head)

    - flipup (flip a player's head and make them look up)

    - chat (make a player say something)
  3. Trolls Update 1.3

    Added 2 prank types:
    • SetTabName (or stn) - Temporarily set the tab list name of a player
    • Annoy - Play annoying sounds to the player
  4. Trolls

    - Removed "ChatTools"
    - Made it more compatible with other troll plugins