Trolls++ 1.6

This is a simple, player friendly troll plugin

  1. SparkOfYT
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Languages Supported:

    *27 FEATURES*

    /troll help
    /troll burn
    /troll strike
    /troll nyan
    /troll tpall
    /troll launch
    /troll randomtp
    /troll gamemode
    /troll freeze
    /troll explosion
    /troll cage
    /troll creeper
    /troll mlg
    /troll exit
    /troll invsee
    /troll beyblade
    /troll fakeop
    /troll fakedeop
    /troll pimmel
    /troll pissrakete
    /troll bow
    /troll dropinv
    /troll deleteinv
    /troll kreuz
    /troll crasher
    /troll hackmessage
    /troll kill
    /troll fakeban

    Bypass: troll.bypass
    Troll: troll.use
    Troll help: doesnt have a permission
    Troll burn: troll.use.burn
    Troll strike: troll.use.strike
    Troll nyan: troll.use.nyan
    Troll tpall: troll.use.tpall
    Troll launch: troll.use.launch
    Troll randomtp: troll.use.randomtp
    Troll gamemode: troll.use.gamemode
    Troll freeze: troll.use.freeze
    Troll explosion: troll.use.explosion
    Troll cage: troll.use.cage
    Troll creeper: troll.use.creeper
    Troll mlg: troll.use.mlg
    Troll exit: troll.use.exit
    Troll invsee: troll.use.invsee
    Troll beyblade: troll.use.beyblade
    Troll fakeop: troll.use.fakeop
    Troll fakedeop: troll.use.fakedeop
    Troll pimmel: troll.use.pimmel
    Troll pissrakete: troll.use.pissrakete
    Troll bow: troll.use.bow
    Troll dropinv: troll.use.dropinv
    Troll deleteinv: troll.use.deleteinv
    Troll kreuz: troll.use.kreuz
    Troll crasher: troll.use.crasher
    Troll hackmessage: troll.use.hackmessage
    Troll kill: troll.use.kill
    Troll fakeban: troll.use.fakeban

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Recent Reviews

  1. ExtremModz
    Version: 1.6
    I think it's good, but there is also something that really sucks, that with the swastika that really doesn't have to be
    1. SparkOfYT
      Author's Response
      Oh hell yeah, shit i just did it for some friends but i forgot to remove in the build
  2. ytTobyo
    Version: 1.6
    Thanks for more updates mr sparkofyt! My new Favorit cmd is /troll pissrakete and pls more commands!!
    1. SparkOfYT
      Author's Response
      Ty, i will try to add more commands in the future ^^
  3. ytTobyo
    Version: 1.4
    It is nice for your first plugin on SpigotMC and it have nice funny commands too troll your players on the server, my favorite is /troll strike :) Please more Updates!
    1. SparkOfYT
      Author's Response
      Ty for your Review :)