TrollSystrem [English / Configurable] 0.2 Beta

A simple plugin for trolling your community.

  1. SProductions
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    Semikuhl, BenSimple
    First things first: This plugin is still in beta. So there may be bugs. If you find a bug you are free to tell us here.

    We were of the opinion that there are no good trolling systems out there which can be used just through an inventory - so we made one! We are developing many modules - toggleable like freezing, as onetime modules for example a boost up in the air. Besides, we're planning to make it possible for other developers to add their own modules. If so we'll add a tutorial for this at the wiki on our GitLab page.

    /troll » This is the main command of the plugin. It is used for toggling the trollmode for yourself.

    /troll info » This command is used for getting information about the plugin like the loaded modules.

    Troll.Command.Troll » You need this permission to use the /troll command.

    Troll.Module.<Module-Name> » You need the permission for any module you wanna use. So for example when you want to use the creeper module you have to have the Troll.Module.Creeper permission.