TrollWorld 2014-12-24

A good day gone wrong!

  1. Deltahawk360
    This plugin takes destruction to the next level. With a bunch of destructive commands, this will blast people into the sky... Literally. As of now ( 12 / 24 / 2014) this is my first plugin. I am just getting started with this plugin. TrollingCommands is mainly a plugin to put on small servers to destroy a little pesty hacker, or just troll your friends. A small disclaimer, some of these plugins are laggy, and some are just catastrophic in their damage.
    /trollbed (Player) Blows up the bed of the targeted player
    /trollcal (Player) Spawns a big chunk of TNT on the targeted player
    /trollcombust (Player) Creates a crater at the targeted player
    /trollcow (Player) Spawns the cow onslaught on the targeted player
    /trollcreeper (Player) Creeper onslaught is sure make people have fun!
    /trolldeaf (Player) Obliberates the targets fps and spams so many ghast cries, it sounds like static.
    /trollfakecreeper (Player) makes a fake creeper explosion sound at targets location
    /trollfly (Player) Shoots the target sky high. Sidenote they will die *99%*
    /trolllava (Player) Places some fire at the target and some tnt.
    /trollmess (Player) Spawns every creature at the targets location
    /trollnuke (Player) Creates a giant tnt ball and lags a bit
    /trollsilverfish (Player) Pest onslaught