TrollzX BETA 0.2

A simple to use skript to annoy the other players on your server

  1. WonkyPigs
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    TrollerX is a skript which allows you to mess around with the other people on the server, very easily with simple commands

    The current available commands are as follows -
    /e <player> - spams E in the chat for the player

    /f - makes every online player say F in chat

    /lol - makes every online player say LOL in chat

    /irritate <player> <message> <number of times> - repeats a message a certain number of times, with a 1 second delay just to mess with them more.

    /trollkill <player> - does a death countdown for the player, then does nothing

    /woosh <player> - pushes a player up by about 30 blocks (use at your own risk as it may include death)

    NOTE - This plugin is in BETA phase, so more commands as sure to come!

    The permission nodes for all the current available commands are as follows -

    trollzX.f - /f - /lol
    trollzX.irritate - /irritate
    trollzX.trollkill - /trollkill
    trollzX.e - /e
    trollzX.woosh - /woosh

    This skript needs Skript 2.5 or newer and ATLEAST Minecraft version 1.16, I havent yet tested it in the older versions though, so i wont say anything unless tested.

    Step 1: Download the .sk file
    Step 2: Put it into the skripts folders in the skript plugin
    Step 3: Save
    Step 4: Go in-game and type /skript reload TrollerX OR you can restart your server

    This plugin is still in BETA phase of its' development and updates will be frequent, so if you find any problems please inform me in the reviews before starting to complain.

    I will make a discord for this plugin soon if it gets enough downloads, because otherwise it wont be of any use if no one downloads it.

    NEW IN BETA 0.2
    New features in BETA 0.2 are as follows -

    added /woosh command (see in commands section)
    changed permission nodes to trollzX.(command name)
    a few fixes in which commands wont work or indentation wasnt correct