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  1. Important Message

    Hello guys! After finishing my A-Levels I finally got to the point where I found time to work on "eTTT" which is the successor of MTTT.

    Before I continue telling you the differences I need to say that this plugin is in a really early stage of development and lacks a lot of features that MTTT already has. So please, if you want to get a complete TTT plugin, please consider using my old TTT plugin till this one is out of the alpha stage. Thank you!

    With that said, I hope you...
  2. Recode Poll - Version 3.2.2 [NOT AN UPDATE]


    Okay it seems like you really want a recoded version of TTT so I will start doing it now.
    One half of you wanted me to do a multiarena version and another half wanted me to create a bungeecord version, so I will create a hybrid version (no addons required for bungeecord with mapvoting). If you have any ideas please start a conversation with me! Thank you <3 !

    Hey guys, please expand this update-log as there is a...
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  3. Fixed some problems with the default values

    Fixed some problems with the default values
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  4. 3.2.1 Hotfix

    Fixed a bug disallowing Players to Pickup Items
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  5. TTT Version 3 Release

    This is the first stable version of the TTT Version 3!
    Have fun with it!

    [+] Bugfixes:
    -Tester can be used several times at the moment
    -Admin-Help shown twice
    -Other minor bug-fixes ....​
    [-] /ttt removeoldtester
    /ttt removetester removes both testers​
    [+] /ttt check shows the new tester's location
    [+] The Material and Data of the Tester-Lamps can be set via config
    [+] new Spectatormode in gamemode 0!
    set "newspecmode" true in the config!​
  6. The 3.0.0 Update! New Tester, max players and more

    Hey guys :)
    I'm sorry for not updating TTT in a long time ...
    In this update I tried to implement as many requested features as I could!

    As this is an alpha version PLEASE report me all bugs per email ([email protected])

    [+] Completely NEW Tester! (The old one still works)
    • Players can move freely in the tester!
    • Only one person can be inside the tester!
    • Close the tester...
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  7. Beta 2.9.7 Bugfixes + Features

    [+] Fixed:
    rewards.yml is now working

    interact is cancled when the same slot as the role/leave item is selected.

    /stats is now no longer throwing an error
    [+] , and . in the Traitor / Detectivelist
  8. Switching to the new download panel

    Download the newest versions in the ressource panel
  9. 2.9.5 FIX

    2.9.5 FIX
  10. 2.9.5 FIX

    Fixes a completely not-working when Crackshot is not installed.