TrustManager 1.1

Trust-based permissions groups

  1. Enforcer574
    TrustManager: Customizable trust tiers and permissions

    TrustManager allows you to let your players rank up automatically using a system of trust. Great for large community servers, where promoting players manually is too time-consuming.

    • You can allow players to trust and distrust others, and they will level up when they gain enough trust.
    • You can't trust the same player twice, and you can't trust yourself.
    • Ranks are fully customizable with names, GroupManager ID's, and colors.
    • The "staff" rank lets you separate admins from the players so they can't be distrusted or lose their rank.
    • People can't trust someone of a higher rank than them, this prevents groups of newbies from trusting each other to level up.
    • Fully compatible with UUID's and Spigot 1.8

    As of now, this plugin requires Essentials GroupManager as your permissions plugin. PEX support is coming in the next update! Please leave feedback in the comments! This is my first plugin, and I'd love to know what you'd like to see added!


    /trust [player]
    Upvote that player and give them 1 trust point. Then, if they have enough trust for your next rank, they'll be promoted automatically!

    /untrust [player]
    Remove your vote from someone you previously trusted.

    /distrust [player]
    Downvote a player and give them -1 trust. This can be abused, so you can disable it in the Configuration section.

    /trustview [player]
    See how much trust someone has and how much they need for the next rank. Leave [player] out to see your own trust info.

    /trustmgr staff [add/remove] [player]
    Make a player staff. The staff rank is special and can't be reached by gaining trust.

    /trustmgr handicap [player] [amount]
    Do this to handicap a player's trust, like if you know that person and want to speed up their leveling process.

    /trustmgr register [player]
    Add an offline player to the trust log file. This way, you can trust that player even if they've never been on the server.

    Permissions - Allows the player to trust, untrust, and distrust other players. - Allows trusting players who are not online.
    trustmanager.view - Allows the player to view their trust info.
    trustmanager.view.others - Allows the player to look at other player's trust info.
    trustmanager.admin - Allows use of the /trustmgr command for staff and handicap

    Customizing Ranks
    The config.yml file allows you to edit ranks. Under "ranks" each rank must be titled r1, r2, r3... etc. To add a 4th rank, name it r4 and so on.
    r1 should be your default rank (for first-time players) and it should have a trust requirement of 0.

    For each rank, enter the values in the config file:

    name - The name of the rank as it appears on the server (i.e. Newbie, Builder, VIP)

    points - How many trust points you need to unlock this rank. Must be greater than the previous rank.

    group-id - IMPORTANT: The rank in GroupManager that this rank corresponds to. TrustManager will promote players who reach this rank, to that group using the console.

    color - A number 0-15 for the chat color used by that rank.

    broadcast-message - A message to send to the entire server when someone is promoted to that rank. Type "none" to disable.

    player-message - A message to send to the player privately when they reach that rank.

Recent Reviews

  1. NeonCam_YT
    Version: 1.1
    Please add if player has 0 trust it can ban him automaticly, can you please give me source code? please send it on email: [email protected] THX AND KEEP working (sorry for my BAD english)