TTHFapi 1.2V

Get control of Title, ActionBar, and Tab Menu

  1. pedxd
    Only for 1.8.3 (1.1V) and for 1.8.4 (1.2V)
    Latest version is for 1.8.4. If you want for 1.8.3 use the 1.1V (2015-03-16)
    Get control over ActionBar, TabMenu, and Title.
    This api is not able to do anything for herself. Download it if you need provide a dependency of a plugin, or you want to create a plugin with this tool.

    For developers:

    import pedrxd.TTHF.api.*;​

    - ActionBar Control
    ActionBar.sendActionBar(Player, message);

    - Title Cotrol
    Title.sendTitle(Player, title);
    Title.sendSubtitle(Player, subtitle);
    Title.sendTitleSub(Player, title, subtitle);
    Title.sendTitleSub(title, subtitle);​

    - TabMenu
    TabMenu.sendTabHeadFoot(Player, header, footer);
    TabMenu.sendTabHeadFoot(header, footer);​

    very easy no?

    %player% //Set the name of the player.​

    Source code here.

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  1. compatibility for 1.8.4

Recent Reviews

  1. Airos10
    Version: 2015-03-16
    great api, this check player version? i mean, works on 1.7.2 - 1.8 ? (I know that if player use 1.7.2 he can't see nothing)
    1. pedxd
      Author's Response
      Thanks you. No, i will add it on a futur version, only works on server wich real 1.8.3. And player wich version >= 1.8. If you have the server compatible wich 1.7.x players i think it will crash.