TTT | Trouble in Terrorist Town | An advanced TTT plugin 1.1

An advanced TTT plugin with a lot of settings

  1. Haoshoku
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    NoJokeFNA, Sr_endi
    Discord: *click*

    TTT plugin

    Welcome to the overview of TTT. This plugin has started to be created in a livestream. Thanks to the community, the plugin is now stable enough to be released.
    ProtocolLib is required!
    Please read everything carefully!

    What TTT is

    TTT means "Trouble in Terrorist Town" (Garry's Mod). After the game starts, the players will get one role by random. Detective, innocent or traitor. The detective and innocents do not know who the traitors are. The goal of detectives and innocents is to find the traitor and kill them. The goal of traitors is to kill the detectives and innocents without being attracted attention to other people.

    How the plugin works

    1. First of all you should know that this plugin is only compatible with 1.8 versions. We do not see a reason to support higher versions because of the game mechanic. Furthermore this plugin only supports BungeeCord. This means that I will never add Multi-Arena support.
    The minigame lobby should have the same name like the main world configured in your

    2. Secondly download the plugin and put it into your 1.8.8 server plugins folder. Additionally download ProtocolLib and put it also into your plugins folder. This plugin needs ProtocolLib because of this plugin works with Packets. Start the server now.

    3. You'll see that two further maps have been created. PirateBay and Topia. These are just default maps I tested. Just download the TTT maps from Internet or build your own maps and put your map into your serverfolder, add the name in settings.yml and there you go!
    TTT does not need a MySQL connection, but you should use it for saving the stats.

    4. You can enter the server now. You need to set the spawns of each location. Please write /ttt for further information. Furthermore write /? TTT for seeing all commands of this plugin. Explaining everything would spam this thread. We will add a video later.

    5. Do not forget to set the spawns for all maps. You can teleport between the map by using /mapteleport. Restart the server as a conclusion. That is it. Have fun with playing TTT.


    - 95%++ messages are editable
    - MultiVerse replacement (no need for MV or other plugins)
    - Integrated AntiCrash (Payload and MassiveChunksLoading)
    - MapVoting
    - /shop Item (Less items, but will be added in the future)
    - Detective/Traitor passes
    - Tokens which are needed to reset stats
    - Included 'mapreset' (restores the chests if you have set the location)
    - Own chat, prefix and suffix feature (please do not use your own)
    - Corpse analyser
    - receiving detective/traitor passes all 500 karma
    - editable scoreboard with individual lines


    - ttt.admin ~ Admin commands (/ttt)
    - ~ Allows you to build (/build)
    - ttt.start ~ Allows you to start the game (/start)
    - ttt.givepass ~ Gives player detective/traitor/tokens (/givepass)
    - ttt.forcereset ~ Allows you to force reset players stats (/forcereset)
    - ttt.mapteleport ~ Allows you to teleport between worlds (/mapteleport)

    As a conclusion

    If you have problems with the plugin, feel free to report it on our discord server. The plugin is pretty new and in the future I am planning to add more features.
    But do not forget that you need ProtocolLib if you want to use this plugin.
    Download it here: *click*

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