TvheeAPI 1.6.0-01

An API to help you with coding bukkit/spigot and bungeecord plugins

  1. tvhee
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
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    Plugin Summary:
    An API to help you with creating bukkit/spigot and bungeecord plugins. I have created many classes to use this API in my own plugins, but you can also use this API

    Ask me for:
    - Reporting bugs
    - Questions and feature requests
    - Plugin requests
    - Help with this API if you can't find out something
    - Please report bugs/issues/requests on GitHub! (source code link)
    You can send me messages on Spigot or join my
    Discord server! (Click on Ask Questions / Get support ->)

    Server Owners:
    Supported Versions Of My Own Plugins:
    WARNING: This version is only 1.17 compatible! I will auto-include the API in further releases, so please wait patiently


    Are you looking for an older version of this API? Look in the version history

    Important Information:
    If you are linked to this API because a plugin requires this API to work, just download this API as a normal plugin and put it in your plugins folder.

    The Plugin:
    This plugin will function as a normal plugin if you add it to your plugins folder, the only difference is that this plugin will communicate with other plugins. You can use this API in both BungeeCord and Spigot

    How to work with this API:
    To start using this API go to your IDE and add this plugin to your build path (like you do with Spigot/Bukkit or BungeeCord

    You could find the JavaDoc here (Outdated, will generate a new JavaDoc soon!)

    Important Information:
    - Take care of the correct imports! Do not import BungeeCord classes in Bukkit!
    - If you are using this API you MUST link to this download page!
    - Please read the JavaDoc before asking questions

    Class Info:
    I took inspiration from this class (nisovin) here

    Used this util from NonameSL

    I took inspiration from this util (retrodaredevil)

    WARNING: The ItemStack has to be a tool!

Recent Updates

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  2. V1.6.0 Released
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Recent Reviews

  1. YassevZriona
    Version: 1.6.0-01
    Simple and useful to use but I would like a entity creator or block manager Like api as well :)