Tweak Difficulty 1.0

Tweak the difficulty of survival world by installing this, this can make it easy as well as hard

  1. Rudraksha007
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Tweak the difficulty of you survival. This adds difficulties like the Baby mode, Extreme, Impossible- core etc., with increasing difficulty, Environmental mobs gain more power and advantages over you.

    At the first release of this Plugin, there are only a few custom difficulties available now but new ones will also arrive as this Plugin will be updated to newer version. For now, this is the List of Difficulty:
    • BABY: all the Monsters will be frozen at the position, breaking coal also provides some extra rewards (rewards are configurable), and even dying is impossible..
    • NORMAL: The old vanilla experience was never forgotten, you can enjoy it still by enabling this mode, no Plugin removal needed!
    • VETERAN: This mode forces the Monsters to have iron armor. But now other Changes till now.
    • EXTREME: This mode is just extreme, All the Monsters have Diamond Armor, while this makes it much harder, still upon this, the Creepers will be fully charged but there is a chance that are not, those will be invisible and will try to kill Jump- scare you, but remember that they are not just for scaring...
    • IMPOSSIBLE: Just opposite of what BABY mode is, all mobs are Equipped with Diamond armor, and now they also have Speed! so be Careful. The chances of invisible creeper increases, and this is not IMPOSSIBLE still, so now there is a chance of spawning creeper on breaking blocks.
    • IMPOSSIBLE- CORE: It is same as of the IMPOSSIBLE but now dying will make you a Spectator and of course you can respawn the died player using commands or otherwise, they will be respawned upon Difficulty change.
    As the Game- modes are pretty hard there are things that will help you if stuck at a tight spot. (more things will be added soon!):
    • INFINITY GOD APPLE: You might be familiar with the GOD apples no? presenting the INFINITY GOD APPLE which is way more Over Powered than before but yeah crafting one of those will just take HOURS in survival but as soon as you get it, I don't think any will can even compete you, getting effects speed, strength, health- boost, resistance and many more...
    Show Case Video Link:

    Just put the jar in your plugins folder and done!
    • tweakdifficulty <Difficulty name>
    • respawn <Player name> only works for
    For reporting any type of bug please DM me (Discord) at- rudraksha#0065 and for new update Suggestions, just put a review Stating your idea and i will try my best to implement it in...