TweetMinecraft 1.3.8-SNAPSHOT

Tweet while you play!

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    ►Bungeeversion here:

    This plugin implements the following commands:

    - /tweet tweet [Message] | No permission | Used to register & tweet
    - /tweet timeline | get timeline
    - /tweet retweet [Id] | Retweet tweet

    ► Configurationfile & can be found in your serverfolder not in the pluginsfolder!

    Code (Text):

    consumer_secret=Consumer Secret
    consumer_key=Consumer Key       # What is that, "Consumer Key" or "Consumer Secret"? Scroll down!
    Code (Text):

    url=%prefix %url
    schem_timeline=%prefix Id\=%id% &7%name%\: &3%tweet%
    error_all=%prefix &cAn error occurred, please contact an admin\!
    help=%prefix Commands\:%nextline&7> &b/Tweet tweet <Tweet> &7| Tweet a tweet%nextline&7> &b/Tweet timeline &7| get your timeline%nextline&7> &b/Tweet retweet <id> &7| Retweet other tweets
    unavailable_pin=%prefix &cYour PIN is not available, try again
    open_url=%prefix Open the following URL and grant access to your account\:
    prefix=&bTwitter &7>
    type_pin=%prefix Enter the PIN(if aviailable)
    error=%prefix &cAn error has occurred\! Repeat the process & check your PIN\!
    tweet_success=%prefix &aSuccessfully postet &7'%message'
    success_retweet=%prefix &aSuccessful retweeted post\!
    tweet_too_short=%prefix &4Could not send tweet\: &cYour tweet is too short\!
    success=%prefix &aSuccessfully connected your twitter account with your profile\! %nextlineType /tweet to tweet.

    If you tweet ingame:

    The confirmation process

    - Soon

    ► Help

    What is that...

    ... What do i need to use my plugin without "use_own_key"?
    >> You have to create an Twitterapplication here.

    ... What is that, a "Consumer Key"?
    >> The Consumer Key is an key that the plugins need to use the API. The Consumer Key can be found in your Application Management under Keys and Access Tokens.

    So I need an Twitter Application to use this plugin?
    >> No! I've already implemented an Twitterapplication called "TweetMinecraft", so you do not have to have an Application!


    Source ->

    ► Requirement
    Plugin requires Java 7/8
    A mySQL databse
    (Optional) A Twitter Application

    ►Support me
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