TweetMyStats 0.0.4

Need more players? TweetMyStats lets players advertise your server using twitter!

  1. simolus3
    TweetMyStats lets your players tweet about things they have achieved on your server. That helps your server in getting more players: sharing is the best advertising your server can get.
    • Let your players tweet about achievements, ingame kills and much more
      • There is not much to tweet about now, but we will try to add as many reasons as possible. If you have an idea, please let us now
    • Easy for players: Easy to set up, easy to tweet.
    • Players tweeting is perfect advertising: Get more players easily.
    • Give players a reward: Give them ingame money when they tweet (requires Vault and an Economy plugin working with Vault)
    Installation guide
    Since this plugin requires a twitter app, it is not just done by putting it in your plugins folder and restarting. It's the first step though, so please do that first. Next, you will have to create an app for twitter. To do that, please visit the Twitter Application Management, log in if neccessary and click on "Create New App". Give your app a name similar to your server ip or name. A description might be something like "Tweet about achievements on my server. We won't post without your permission". If you don't have a Website (yet), you might as well enter a link to your server page on some forums in the internet. The http(s):// at the beginning is required. Leave the Callback URL field empty, accept the Developer Agreement and click on Create your Twitter Application. If everything went well, you should now see the settings page of your fresh twitter app. Go to the Permissions page and set your apps permissions to "Read and Write" - write access is needed to let TweetMyStats actually tweet something. Next you have to configure TweetMyStats to use your twitter app. If you haven't already, drop the plugin jar in your plugins folder and restart. The plugin has created a folder called "TweetMyStats" containing the config, a file called config.yml. Please open that file now. In your twitter app, go to the tab "Keys and access tokens". Copy the Consumer Key (API Key) to TwitterApp/keys/appKey and the Consumer Secret (API Secret) to TwitterApp/keys/appSecret in your config.yml file. Note that secret actually means secret: Never ever give the API Secret to anyone. Set TwitterApp/keys/ready to "true". Your config might now look like this:
    Code (Text):
    prefix: "[§bTweetMyStats§r]"
          appKey: b*************************A
          appSecret: 2************************************************D
        ready: true
    You can do some more configuration work now (see Configuration) or just use the defaults, reload and let TweetMyStats rock!
    Todo List
    Currently, we are in a early stage of development and we are going to add a lot of more features.
    • More customization: Customize every message
    • More reasons to tweet: Let users brag about everything
    • BungeeCord support: Easily use TweetMyStats in your BungeeCord server network
    Again, if you have suggestions, please let us now.
    We are working on making TweetMyStats as configurable as possible.
    We let users tweet through reasons. A reason is basically a reason for an user to tweet something (duh!). Every user can enable reasons by commands and you can enable/disable them globally using the configuration (command for that in progress). You can enable reasons in your config by adding their class name to the list of enabled reasons. We currenlty support these reasons.
    • lastAchievement: Let's your users tweet about the last (vanilla minecraft) achievement they have achieved on your server. Classname: de.smashmc.simolus3.tweetmystats.reasons.AchievementReason
    • lastKill: Let's your users tweet about the last player they have killed on your server. Classname: de.smashmc.simolus3.tweetmystats.reasons.KillReason
    • tame: When the player tames an animal, he can tweet about it. Classname: de.smashmc.simolus3.tweetmystats.reasons.TameReason
    • vote: Let's players make your server even more famous after voting on a Server List site. Requires Votifier with the version 1.9 or later! Classname: de.smashmc.simolus3.tweetmystats.reasons.other.VoteReason
    We are working on creating as many reasons as possible and making the configuration less technical.
    Example reason part of your config:
    Code (Text):
       - de.smashmc.simolus3.tweetmystats.reasons.AchievementReason
       - de.smashmc.simolus3.tweetmystats.reasons.KillReason
    You can customize the message of every reason using the messages section of your config. We believe the comments and the system is quite self-explanatory, but if you have questions, please let us know and whe might put them in here.
    You can change the amount of money to pay to players for tweeting. Use tweetMoney! If you want to disable the feature, just set the value to 0. If you want to pay your users for following you on twitter, you have to set serverAccount to the name of the account to follow (without the @ at the beginning). If you set followMoney to a value greater than 0, players will receive the specified money when they follow you on twitter and execute /twitter checkFollow!
    The plugin comes with two commands: /twitter and /tweet. The twitter command is used for settings or connecting a twitter account with TweetMyStats. The tweet command is used to actually tweet something.
    Setup commands
    A player can connect their twitter account in two steps. He first has to execute /twitter setup to receive an URL to click on. When he clicks on that URL, he will be asked to connect with twitter. If he accepts that on the website, he will be given a code. He has to enter that code using /twitter pin <code>. If everything went well, he is connected to twitter!
    Configuration commands for players
    There currently are two configuration commands for players: /twitter reason and /twitter available. The "available" command lists all global reasons to tweet and tells the player if they're turned on for the player. With the "reason" command, the player can turn reasons on or off.
    Check if the player is following you
    The command /twitter checkFollow can be used by the player. If he follows you on twitter and executes that command, he will be given some money if that feature is enabled (See Money in the Configuration).
    Disconnecting from twitter
    /twitter disconnect tells TweetMyStats not to use the account anymore. The player's account will be disconnected from twitter.
    Turn a reason off or on globally
    If you don't want to use the configuration file, you can use the command /twitter globalreason to toggle the status of a reason. This command is a placeholder and not finished yet.
    Other commands
    /twitter help can be used to get a help message about all commands and a short explanation.
    /twitter debug can only be used in the console. It looks for common mistakes in your configuration file and tells you about them. This command is a placeholder and not finished yet.
    We kept it simple: tms.user to give a player user permissions (default for everyone) and tms.admin to give a player management permissions for TweetMyStats (default for operators).
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