TWings | Create your own particle wings! 1.4

Endless customisations and creations of particle wings.

  1. Huge update

    1. Option to tilt each wing.
    Code (YAML):
    #The number behind is in degrees
    : 10
    2. Now you can set the DegreeAddition, SneakDegreeAddition, ShowWhenRunning and if the wing should be Animated for each wing!
    Code (YAML):
    #Numbers in degrees (If the wing is Animated these numbers don't really matter, but influence the radius the wings are flapping)
    : 30
    : 40
    #When true the wings always send
    : true
    #When true the wings are...
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  2. Mini Update

    - You now can choose on every single Wing if it should be animated or not.
    e.g.: (Animted: true/false)
    - You now can credit the creator of the Wings in every Wing.
    e.g.: (creator: '&dPixelStrace')
    - You now can change the color of the Page Number or even just leave it blank to remove it.

    Quality of life:
    ParticleCodes can now look like:
    - I: REDSTONE: (243,254,255)
    - I: rEdStoNe: (243,254,255)
    - I: rEdStoNe: 243,254,255
    - I: rEdStoNe:243, 254, 255
    - I: rE d Sto...
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  3. TWings preview and reload.

    You can now add previews of every TWing your server!
    1. You need the Permissions "twings.admin"!
    2. Shift and Leftclick in the Menu on the Wing you want to create a Preview.
    3. type /twings reload
    4. Enjoy your preview!
    You don't wont any preview anymore of a specific TWing?
    Just Shift and Rightclick the TWing in the GUI and its GONEE!

    The GUI got more Slots to work with (added Pages)!

    Added some ErrorCatches to the code to prevent...
  4. HUGE Update README!

    So i got feedback on my discord server from you guys!
    And i found those ideas epic, and i created myself a new challange!
    Thank you all - Strace

    Update Notes
    - You now can use every Particle in 1.16.1
    - Deleted the Color.yml !!!!
    - You can now create new Color/ParticleCodes for each Wing!
    Code (YAML):
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  5. Animated Wings

  6. TWings V1.1.2 | Bugfixes

    - Debugmessages removed
    - GUI Menu now also displays "D2" for example in the color and doesnt replace "D" alone so 2 is sitting there..
    - When disabled on running, the Wings now don't show every few seconds! IF you have your updateTicks set to 5 or higher and the server isn't lagging.
    |-> I'm looking forward to improve this in the future.
    - Wing degrees are now accurate! so now 6Degrees is 6Degrees and NOT buggy 20Degrees and...
  7. Hotfix in 1.1

    Added better RGB to Hex method.
    So the menu cant look that buggy if you have a RGB color under "16"!
  8. Config Update

    Hello and welcome to my first Update of this Plugin!

    Changes in V1.1:
    - Added the Wing UpdateRate to the Config
    - Added the option Show Wings when he has permissions (Idea from @SpringBonnie)
    - Added the option show when running in Config (Idea from @SpringBonnie)
    - Added DegreeAddition to config, so you can choose how close the Wings are...