Twisted-ManHunt: Break Blocks To Heal 1.3

a twist on the common manhunt gamemode where the speedrunner can break blocks to heal himself!

  1. Immortal-Dev
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16

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    This is a manhunt plugin inspired by Boofser and his Manhunt series

    What this plugin does:
    - This plugin is a twist on the normal Minecraft Manhunt and allows the speedrunner to heal themselves by breaking blocks
    - The speedrunner must try to win by killing the Ender Dragon before the Hunters kill him
    - The hunters receive a compass that when right clicked, points towards the speedrunner

    - /speedrunner <player username> {requires permission: bth.speedrunner}
    - /sethealing <1-20> (dictates how much the speedrunner heals in terms of half-hearts) {requires permission: bth.sethealing}
    - /setup (sets players hunger, health, and saturation to max. Also gives hunters a compass) {requires permission: bth.setup}
    - having OP bypasses all required permissions

    Discord Server to suggest new plugins, get support, and report bugs:

    I will be making a series of Manhunt plugins that implement twists, join the Discord server to get early access and suggest new plugins!

    1. Can I use this plugin in my Youtube video?

    - Of course you can! All i can ask is that you leave the plugin linked in the description, and mention the link in the video. You should also link your video in the review or in the discord server, and I might put it in the plugin description!

    2. Can I redistribute this plugin?
    - Absolutely not without crediting me and leaving a link to the Spigotmc download. This is a free plugin that took time and effort to make, so please don't redistribute this plugin without crediting me.

    3. Can you make me a free plugin for my Youtube Channel?
    - Yes, however you must have at least 10,000 subscribers and average at least 5K views per video. Also, the plugin must have a relatively simple concept. Go to the Discord server and @ me for more information

    Version History:
    - 1.0: Initial Release
    - 1.1: fixed bugs
    - 1.2: fixed bugs
    - 1.3: added nether portal tracking feature
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  1. Myst_Petridishi
    Version: 1.3
    Perfect for a YouTube video, had fun with this. this is just placeholder text so i can post the review :))))))))))))))))))))))))))