Twisted Portals 1.0

The absolute best multi-server portals plugin

  1. Twister915

    The most configurable, versatile, and simple portals plugin on Spigot

    Source code is here, I might throw it on a github repo later, but this should do for now:

    Quickly turn any build into a portal. Simply modify servers.yml to contain all your destination Bungee servers, then create portals using /createportal

    When a player enters a portal, they will see an inventory GUI, which you can configure precisely, that will let them connect to the server that they select.

    The permissions, commands, and configurations are as follows:


    This is a technical file, you should not modify it directly unless you know precisely what you are doing.

    This file currently contains nothing, as all options are configurable via the other files.

    Every message can be configured here. This is the default state of that file:
    Code (Text):
      point-selected: "&aYou have selected a point!"
      finished: "&aAdded portal!"
      start: "&aPlease select two points to create the region of the portal (right or left click two blocks)"
      go: "&8&oConnecting you to &c&o{{name}}"
      fail: "&c&lFAILED TO CONNECT"
    gui-title: "Select a server!"
    The servers can be setup here. To add more than one server, simply repeat everything from the default file from lines 2 to 6.

    This is the default state of that file:
    Code (Text):
    - item:
        material: GOLDEN_SWORD
        name: "&aSurvival Games"
      name: sg
      friendlyName: Survival Games
    The friendly name will be what appears in the message when the player connects, and the rest should be intuitively obvious.



    permission: portals.create
    Simply type this to begin creating a portal. It will ask you to click your hand on two points, which together will form a region (like WorldEdit or WorldGuard) which dictate the region of the portal. Whenever a player enters this region, the GUI will be displayed to them.

    permission: portals.create
    Simply type this while standing inside a portal. This will delete and deactivate the portal permanently.

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  1. Pushed a broken build by accident before

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    Version: 1.0
    Download like does not work. Please fix as soon as soon as possible! Other then that i feel like this would be a good plugin!