TwitchSync 1.4.2

Give rewards to subscribers or followers!

  1. 1.4.2

    • Add "ip" configuration option (set IP to bind the HTTP server to)
    • Fix groups being added just for a single world
  2. 1.4.1 Add 1.14 compatability

    • Add 1.14 compatability
    • Reduce file size by over 3 times.
  3. Revoke expired subscriptions

    You can now automatically (or manually) revoke expired subscriptions/people who have unfollowed, running certain commands and removing their rank.

    A deletion of the config is not required (if it breaks, delete the config)

    Added the following config options:
    • revoke-interval-days
    • subscribe.revoke-commands
    • follow.revoke-commands
  4. Multiple channel support

    You can now use TwitchSync with multiple channels.

    Renamed channel-name to channel-names in the config file and made it into a list. You must backup and delete your confguration file for this to work.

    Updating to the Twitch API version helix over the currently used kraken has been looked into but it is currently not possible due to the immaturity of helix.
  5. Big update

    • You can now give rewards for people who follow your channel!
    • You can disable either following or subscription rewards if you wish in the config.
    • TwitchSync URL links now expire after 10 minutes (time is configurable). Warning: They can sometimes last longer than 10 minutes but will always last at least 10 minutes.
    Fixed bugs:
    • You can no longer redeem subscription rewards (and following rewards) multiple times.
    • Fixed occasional timeout...
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  6. Fix startup error

    Fix startup error