Typewriter Text API 1.1

An API to create typewriter like text

  1. WolfLeader116
    Typewriter Text API

    A simple API to create typewriter like text.

    etc. (Sorry I don't have a good gif or anything of it. It then removes it character by character.)

    - Pointer (Flashing character at end of string) (Recommended: '_')
    - Delay between pointer flashing (Recommended: 10-20)
    - Delay between each time a character is added/removed (Recommended: 5-10)
    - Delay between when characters are all added and when they start to be removed (Recommended: 200)
    - Delay between when characters are all removed and when they start to be added (Recommended: 20-40)
    - List of strings to be used (In order)

    Code (Java):
    List<String> list = new ArrayList<String>();
    list.add("Hi! This is typewriter text!");
    list.add("§5More §6Colors§b!");
    final TypewriterText tt = new TypewriterText(this, list, '_', 5, 20, 200, 20);
    Bukkit.getScheduler().scheduleSyncRepeatingTask(this, new Runnable() {
        public void run() {
    }, 0L, 5L);
    Please note that you have to input your main class object ("this" in the example)
    This can be used in many situations such as a 1.8 title, scoreboards, player list, boss bar, etc.

    To add colors to the text, use the regular Minecraft color code format. ("§<code>")

    The code will automatically "chunk" strings together to make for smooth changes meaning that rather than adding "§", then the code, then finally the text (or next color code), it will add it all together so that every change will actually make a visible change in the text and always add another character. (Assuming you did your color codes correctly.) Color codes that make no change at the end of the text will be added with the last visible character so they won't affect the speed of the code as well.

    Basically, just use color codes like you normally would and the code will still work.

    Just check my license for everything here.

    If you read closely, you'll notice that it basically says you can use it as long as you provide a link back to my work that you used and credit me for it publicly and your own work is open source unless I specified otherwise. You must include my license with your work, however it should be this modified version if you have your own license. It will require close reading if you really want to bother to read it...

    Just make sure you say what part of the code used in your plugin I made and link back to where you got the code and include the license and you're good.

    Please contact me if you would like to monetize your work or make it closed source if it includes my work.
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  1. LegendBuilders
    Version: 1.1
    Woow, Amazing API.
    Thanks for creating this @WolfLeader116
    | |
    1. WolfLeader116
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I hope you enjoy it! :)
  2. dyenxunit
    Version: 1.1
    Best api there is out there and fast and nice developer would recommend this api 100% and rate it 10/10. :)
    1. WolfLeader116
      Author's Response
      Thanks! :)