Uber Items | Powerful and Fun Items - LITE 1.1

Add powerful items to your Minecraft server!

  1. ThirtyVirus
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Languages Supported:
    English, Language File Configuration

    Uber powerful items in vanilla!
    What is UberItems?

    UberItems is a plugin that adds powerful and fun items into your game. These items can perform ease of access actions, give you powerful abilities, and allow you to RULE THE WORLD! The utility of these items is up to server owners, as they can be fun to mess around with on private servers, or could be a fun way to spice up a survival or SkyBlock server!

    This is the UberItems LITE! Downloading Premium will give you the benefit of using UberItems of all rarities, whereas LITE is restricted to COMMON - RARE. Consider supporting the continued development of UberItems, including new items, more complex capabilities, and more!
    Premium: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/83851/


    • Builder's Wand - Extend connected block faces and make building extremely fast!
    • Lunch Box - Insert food into the lunch box, and it'll automatically feed you!
    • Document of Order - Sort chests with a simple right click! Can even sort multiple inventories at once!
    • Escape Rope - Escape to the most recent location where you saw the sky.
    • Fireball - Launch a fiery ball of death at your enemies!
    • Wrench - Rotate blocks that can be manipulated (pistons, logs, etc...)
    • Malk Bucket - Infinite Milk Bucket, can spike it with potion effects for an effectively infinite buff!
    • Uncle Sam's Wrath - Launch fireworks at your enemies! They have random effects and colors!
    • Electromagnet - Attract all items within a 32 block radius to your character! As a secondary effect you can repel hostile mobs and projectiles!
    • Pocket Portal - Teleport to and from the nether without building a portal.
    • Shooty Box - A handheld dispenser! put whatever items you like into it, and RULE THE WORLD
    • BOOM Stick - Send you foes to the shadow dimension, or simply blow them up!
    (Coming Soon)
    • Chisel - Transmute similar blocks into equivalent blocks
    • Smart Pack - A backpack that allows other UberItems' active abilities to be triggered, and can simulate the effects of Items stored inside.
    • A language file that allows for easy modification of the plugin messages, thus allowing translations.
    • An extensive and fully-featured UberItem API, which makes adding new items extremely easy considering the abilities are within Minecraft's capabilities.
    • A custom book tutorial menu to teach staff how to use the plugin's features.

    • uber.user - Allows player to use the plugin's user features
    • uber.admin - Allows player to use the plugin's admin features

    • /uber help
    • /uber info
    • /uber tutorial
    • /uber identify
    • /uber list
    • /uber give (name or numerical ID)
    • /uber reload
    • Make sure your spigot version matches the supported version for this plugin.
    • Simply drag the UberItems.jar into your plugins folder.
    • After installing the .jar file, restart the server.
    • Using the config in the "UberItems" folder generated by the jar, you can change the default values to your liking. You must restart your server or use "/uber reload" to apply changes.
    • For further assistance, you may join my discord (discord.gg/thirtyvirus) and drop a message in the #plugin-support chat!
    Before you Review

    • DO NOT leave a negative review due to bugs. Please use my contact info above and I will be happy to work with you to get the bug fixed asap.
    • Remember: servers are complicated. Certain plugins do not play nice when installed together. This may cause crashes or unexpected behavior that is not the fault of the developers of either plugin.
    • Be respectful and constructive. If a concept in the plugin is fundamentally flawed in your opinion, explain why so I can work to make it better.
    • Be fair! Just because you are experiencing a problem, that doesn't mean everyone is. My plugin getting a 1 star review because you had the wrong version of Spigot installed is pretty unfair to me, no?

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    Version: 1.1
    Best Plugin Ever! Thank You thirty! I would like to say that there should be some "nerfed" items for people that are more poor