uChestItems 1.0

Put items in the chest with a single command.

  1. ProxyBite

    - Create the types of items you can add to the coffers from a configuration, and put them simply using a single command .

    • Create the types of items you want.
    • Support for help.
    • Simple configuration
    • Simple commands without difficulty.

    - /chest <chest-name>


    - uchest.admin


    - You simply create the name of the chest , then put the items below will be an example configuration , to put the items in the chest just use / chest <name chest> (Chest name is the one you put in the configuration ) , so Simple chest is fill it up with items placed.


    Code (Text):
      example: <== Chest name
        items: <== List for set items.
        - <id>,<amount>,<data-value>,<name-item>

Recent Reviews

  1. JaapaGamerz
    Version: 1.0
    El plugin es genial, me gustaría que programaras los GlassColor
    por selección de un simple menú como ya sea CubeCraftGames eso estaría genial compañero.