UHC Meetup ツ v0.2-beta.13

A little chunk of uhc

  1. MartinGamer_Es
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    Have a lang.yml

    • download plugin​
    • put in plugin folder​
    • put depends in plugin folder​
    • start your server and enjoy this plugin :D!​
    Explain tutorial click here

    • 1 Game per server.
    • Best random world generator.
    • Ingame scoreboard.
    • Customs kits.
    • Random kits.
    • Aleatory spawns selection.
    • PreLoad world.
    • Waiting Lobby.
    • Automatic Kits.
    • Motd change
    • Death Messages
    • Scenarios update.
    • Automatic Kits update. ✓
    • Empty list
    • /kits - For give kits help. PERM: uhcmeetup.admin
    • /lobby - For give lobby help. PERM: uhcmeetup.admin




    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Do you want more updates?, review with ★★★★★ for motivate me :D

    Donate me for more updates :D

    Report bugs or recomendations: Click Here
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Recent Updates

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  2. Hotfix
  3. SQL Syntax Fixed

Recent Reviews

  1. Cut
    Version: v0.2-beta.13
    Amazing plugin!

    I'm using it with my other owner to remake Arcane !

    Please keep updating the plugin, that would be great!
  2. sobas
    Version: v0.2-beta.13
    It seems that you cannot put blocks in some places. Can you fix it? Other than that, it ’s great!
  3. Amanso25
    Version: v0.2-beta.13
    Amazing plugin !
  4. lolmdrpd
    Version: v0.2-beta.13
    the plugin d'int work , when a player die , nothing happen

  5. QzerOffline
    Version: v0.2-beta.11
    Plugin is so good congrats

    ------Pls add Tab addon---


    1. MartinGamer_Es
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review. What is "tab addon"?
  6. Carlos1899
    Version: v0.2-beta.11
    Hola muy buen plugin agradezco por ser tan buena de gente de dejar este pedazo de plugin y gratis muchisimas gracias saludos de Uruguay!
    Lo que necesitaria seria la dependencia que no la encuentro
  7. TierBey
    Version: v0.2-beta.7
    Hello, Have You Have Advanced Plugin? So I want this a more advanced version of MineHQ
  8. Abel992YT
    Version: v0.2-beta.6
    Estoy esperando el Multi-arena :) Buen plugin, no he encontrado ningun bug, y está muy buenas las actualizaciones desde que empezó, solo que siempre he esperado el multi-arena :/(
    1. MartinGamer_Es
      Author's Response
      No creo que lo haga multiarena, únicamente lo estoy actualizando porque me aburro por las tardes. Pero tampoco es tanto como para crear un plugin de 0 multiarena xD
  9. KubiG25
    Version: v0.2-beta.4
    are you going to stop uploading updates? the plugin is very good and as it says in the description "This plugin is actually abandoned, if you want to edit it, you have the code on GitHub."

    ---google translate-----

    I don't speak English
    1. MartinGamer_Es
      Author's Response
      is a mistake, sorry XD
  10. arbifac
    Version: v0.2-beta.3
    porfavor añade un motd custom para poder a nuestro gusto si esta en lobby, in game, restarting...
    1. MartinGamer_Es
      Author's Response
      Tengo preparada una update con eso, nada mas necesito terminar de agregarle otras cosas que me pidieron y publicar la update :), gracias por tu review