uHome with UUID support 4.4

uHome with UUID support

  1. Me_Goes_RAWR
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    spathizilla, tkelly
    Copied from the Bukkit Page: HERE
    Feature Summary
    • Creation of multiple private homes (warps) for each player.​
    • Bukkit SuperPerms support, including permissions variables.​
    • Works out of the box without config changes and no permissions plugin necessary
    • Home creation limit, with support for different levels through permissions nodes.​
    • Command cool-downs and warm-ups, also variable according to permissions nodes.​
    • MySQL and SQLite support.​
    • Simple default home support - players can use /sethome and /home, without parameters, to warp to a default named home.​
    • Importing of homes from MyHome.​
    • Inviting of players to homes.​
    • Locale Support - customise uHome to talk your language, or fit your server's theme.​
    • Multi-world support, you decide if players can move between worlds with their homes.​
    • Auto completion of home names when warping.​
    • All commands work with online and offline players, case insensitively.​
    • Use Minecraft's vanilla command blocks with uHome to make teleporters in your world!​
    Installation & Setup
    Simply download and place the uHome.jar into your plugins folder in your Bukkit directory. A configuration file is generated when running the plugin for the first time, which contains many options to adjust the behaviour of the plugin to your needs. Hopefully, the defaults provided should prove a good basis for most users. Easy permissions setup is possible by giving your players 'uhome.own' and your admins 'uhome.admin'. A 'uhome.all' node is provided that will also give the group/player no limits in addition to the player and admin command rights. If you're not a user of permissions, uHome allows all players to do basic actions by default, while giving ops full access.

    For information on setting up permissions based (per group) limits, see the section entitled "Other Permissions" below.

    For more configuration information, check out the Configuration page.

    Commands & Permissions
    Basic Commands:
    /home - (uhome.own.warp) - Takes you to your "home" home.
    /home set - (uhome.own.set) - Sets your "home" home to your current position.
    /home delete - (uhome.own.delete) - Deletes your home "home".
    /home help - Display help

    Multihome Commands:
    /home <name> - (uhome.own.warp) - Takes you to your home with the name <name>.
    /home list - (uhome.own.list) - Displays the homes you own.
    /home set <name> - (uhome.own.set) - Sets a home called <name> to your current position.
    /home delete <name> - (uhome.own.delete) - Deletes your home named <name>.
    /home limit - (uhome.own.set) - Displays the number of homes you can set.
    /home warp <name> - (uhome.own.warp) - Takes you to your home with the name <name>, avoiding conflicts with other commands.

    Invite Commands:
    /home invite <player> <name> - (uhome.own.invite) - Allows <player> to warp to your home called <name>.
    /home uninvite <player> <name> - (uhome.own.uninvite) - Removes <player> from <name>'s invited players list.
    /home invites [page] - (uhome.own.listinvites) - Displays the homes that you have been invited to.
    /home requests [page] - (uhome.own.listinvites) - Displays the players that you have invited to your homes.
    /home lock <name> - (uhome.own.unlock) - Locks a home, so that only those invited can warp to it. (Default behaviour.)
    /home unlock <name> - (uhome.own.unlock) - Unlocks a home, so that anybody who knows the name of the home may warp to it.

    Admin Commands:
    /home <player> - (uhome.admin.warp) - Warps to a player's default home (provided you have no homes with similar names).
    /home list <player> - (uhome.admin.list) - Lists a player's homes.
    /home delete <player> <name> - (uhome.admin.delete) - Delete's a player's home.
    /home reload - (uhome.admin.reload) - Reload uHome's configuration - Do not use this for swapping to MySQL
    /home <player> <name> - (uhome.admin.warp) - Takes you to the home of <player> called <name>.
    /home set <player> <name> - (uhome.admin.set) - Sets another player's home to your location.
    /home limit <player> - (uhome.admin.list) - Displays the maximum number of homes <player> can set.
    /home invites <player> - (uhome.admin.listinvites) - Displays the invites <player> has received.
    /home requests <player> - (uhome.admin.listinvites) - Displays the invites <player> has sent.
    /home info <player> <name> - (uhome.admin.info) - Displays information on the given home, including it's co-ordinates.
    /home debug - **(Console Only)** - Toggles debug logging to investigate permissions errors. Can create a lot of messages.
    /home <player> <owner> <name> (uhome.admin.send and uhome.admin.warp) - Sends the given player to another player's home. Can be used from the console, and from command blocks!

    Other Permissions
    Variable Permissions:
    (uhome.limit.[a-e]) - Gives the player the home limit reflected by the config. E.g. if limitB=10, and the player has the permission "uhome.limit.b", the player can make up to 10 homes.
    (uhome.cooldown.[a-e]) - Gives the player the cooldown time reflected by the config, as above.
    (uhome.warmup.[a-e]) - Gives the player the warmup time reflected by the config, as above.

    Bypassing Timers/Limits Permisions:
    (uhome.bypass) - Bypass all limits (cooldowns, warmups, bed usage and home limit)
    (uhome.bypass.cooldown) - Permission to bypass /home cooldowns
    (uhome.bypass.warmup) - Permission to bypass /home warmup
    (uhome.bypass.warmup.damage) - Permission to ignore damage when warming-up
    (uhome.bypass.warmup.movement) - Permission to ignore movement when warming-up
    (uhome.bypass.bed) - Permission to use /sethome when bed usage is forced.
    (uhome.crossworld) - Allows a player to move between worlds with homes.

    Admin Permissions:
    (uhome.all) - Has access to all commands in uHome
    (uhome.admin.reload) - Is able to reload uHome config.​
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