UIKits 1.6

Interface based kits

  1. Asserted
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.16
    This is my first plugin

    UIKits is a advanced Kit plugin that can be edited with the interface.


    • Multiple people can edit the same kit at the same time
    • Mostly all of it is customizable
    • Kit config can be changed with the interface
    • Kits can be buyable (Vault is optional)
    • No dependencies required

    Latest Config: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AssertedMetal5/UIKits/main/config.yml

    /kits - Main command (Opens list)
    /kits money - Show built in money

    [ Admin ]
    /kits create <name> - Creates the kit
    /kits delete <name> - Deletes the kit
    /kits edit <name> - Edit kit (Opens interface)
    /kits cooldown <name> <integer> - Change kit cooldown [Replaced]
    /kits give <name> <player> - Give player the kit (Ignores cooldown)
    /kits permission <name> <perm> - Change kit permission [Replaced]
    /kits reload - Reload/Update the config
    /kits update - Checks for update
    /kits customname <name> [Custom Name] - Set Kit Custom Name [Replaced]
    /kits weight <name> <integer> [1-54] - Set Kit weight [Replaced]
    /kits money <user> <add/take> <amount> - Change player money

    /kits update - If there is a update, it will ask to download it for you.

    [Replaced] - There is another way of using it and command may get removed in the future.​

    kits.admin - Allows people to edit kits
    Default kit perm: kits.kit.<name> or kits.kit.* for all
    Kit permission can be changed with command

    For the buyable kits, you can use the built in money system or you can use vault to manage the money. For the built in money I have made a small API that you can change player money using codes. With vault you can use other plugins to manage the money.

    import com.wolfcraft.kit.api.Money; // Importing the class

    Money money = new Money(Player p); // Get the money class using player
    Money money = new Money(String p) // Get the money class using player name
    money.checkPlayer() // Boolean, Check if player has file
    money.getMoney() // Float, Get player money
    money.addMoney(Double amount) // Void, Add player money
    money.subMoney(Double amount) // Void, Take player money

    If you find any bugs or glitches, please let me know so I can fix it in the next update or patch


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