uKitPvP 1.2

Ultimate KitPvP Gamemode Plugin that focuses on being highly customizable.

  1. Scoreboards, Placeholders, and Tweaks

    Config Changes:
    Added 2 new config options under Gameplay called "DisableScoreboard" and "DisableDrops", by default scoreboard is enabled and drops are disabled. If you need to upgrade your config from a previous version just add "DisableScoreboard: true or false" and same for DisableDrops for what you would like it set to. New users don't need to do that.

    As of right now its not a full on scoreboard addition as there's...
  2. 1.11 (1.8 Support & More)

    1.8 Support
    uKitPvP now supports versions 1.8-1.12 and currently no plans to support 1.7.10 at this time.


    Signs are now implemented, so if you put [uKitPvP] on line one and then kits on line two players with the permission node "ukitpvp.signs.kits.use" will be able to right click to open the kits menu. Only people with the permission node "ukitpvp.signs.kits.create" and "ukitpvp.signs.kits.create" will be able to create the signs though.

    Bug Fixes:

    • ...
  3. 1.1 (Class Potion Effects & More)

    Potion Effects:
    You're now able to add potion effects that stick to the player for a configured time on kit selection now! Also is made to where if you select another class your previous effects will be cleared, so users cannot stack effects.

    Dyed Armour:
    Dyed leather armor is now supported as a custom item type, so now you can have any RGB colored armor in a kit.

    ItemDisplay Changes:

    The ItemDisplay part of kits has been changed to use items like how the kits are...