[UltiKits] UltiTools 5.2.1

RomoteChest | GUI Login| GUI Email | SideBar | OverHead Display...and 13 functions

  1. wisdomme
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    wisdomme, qianmo
    Languages Supported:
    Content is under construction...

    ------------------Attention ----------------------
    PlaceholderAPI and Vault are required!
    UltiCore is required!
    Download UltiCore from here!


    UltiTools 3.0 version is coming!
    All versions 1.8-1.16 are now supported! !
    Two months after the free version of UltiTools has been updated, the paid version of UltiTools has been released. You are welcome to sponsor!
    (Continuous update~)

    A very useful tool plug-in, contains many commonly used small functions,
    Including home function, box lock function, mail function, server welcome function,
    Sidebar function, whitelist function, multi-world transmission/management,
    Customize the chat prefix, customize the prefix and suffix on the top of the head
    Remote backpack function, equipment durable display, GUI login interface, gift package system
    GUI permission group management
    Paid functions: smart scavengers, etc., stay tuned for more
    And support to switch each function separately in the configuration file! (Close=evaporate, no conflict with other plugins)

    -----------Characteristic function part-------------
    0. The latest feature: GUI login function!
    Introducing a new login system with GUI!
    Tired of having to enter instructions to log in every time you log in?
    Do you feel bored that some players don’t know how to log in and keep asking?
    This GUI login function solves all problems with one click!
    Once the player enters the server, the login interface will be opened, click to enter the password to log in!
    Support MySQL!
    See the function introduction below for detailed animation display!

    1. The equivalent of half a free custom plug-in!
    As mentioned above, everyone who joins the group to contact me can propose a reasonable small function
    I will implement it as much as possible, and then your name will always remain in the configuration file for everyone to admire

    2. Remote backpack!
    Are you still suffering for mining until your backpack can't fit in? Remote backpack helps you solve all problems!
    Support storage of enchanted items, RPG items (lore)
    Yuba is another weapon to deceive krypton

    3. Dynamic and customizable sidebar!
    The sidebar supports custom content and supports PAPI variables!
    You can write your favorite sidebar by yourself!

    4. A chest locker that can be shared with others!
    And it's extremely simple, that is, two people click half of a big box separately (maximum two people share).
    Another scum developer with bug features

    5. Mail system that supports exquisite GUI!
    The other party still owes me a bunch of supplies, but always avoids me? Where can I find someone online?
    The mail system supports sending messages to everyone, and sending item attachments!
    Lao Lai finally has no excuse for not returning the things!
    And OPs no longer have to worry about not being able to notify everyone at once
    OP can send messages and items to everyone with one click!

    6. Almost all commands have TAB prompt
    Never worry about not remembering commands again!

    7. Optional automatic update function
    Since I found out that everyone doesn’t like updating plugins,
    I reflected on it and finally came to a conclusion,
    It's because I update too frequently.
    But now I changed it, with this automatic update,
    You no longer have to manually download updates, just reload and restart the server,
    You can complete the plug-in update!
    (Need to open the automatic check for updates and automatic updates in the configuration file, the default is closed)

    -----------Introduction of main functions-------------
    This plug-in is one of the UltiKits, but it can be used alone.

    Part 1 Email
    The mail system supports online and offline sending, which means that people online can also leave messages to people who are not online

    The next time the other party goes online, you will receive a new email reminder in the sidebar and welcome message
    If the recipient is online, he will receive a timely reminder, and the sidebar will show that you have received new email.
    You can also read new emails and historical emails, so you don’t miss an important email
    You need to hold this item when sending items, you will lose them after sending
    The item will retain all its attributes, enchantments, lore, durability, etc.
    OP can send emails to all players and can also send with attachments.
    It will be easier to send rewards to all players!

    send email

    Read new mail

    View previous historical emails

    Send email with an attachment

    Receive new email reminder on the sidebar

    Part 2 Home
    The home function can be said to be a very popular feature, almost every server use it
    The home function of UltiTools allows you to go home in all the worlds, ah, warm nest
    Of course you can also use it as a teleporter
    There are three levels for the upper limit of the number of homes with each level. You can set the upper limit for each level.
    And support GUI

    Wait before teleport
    Can't move while sending
    Home list
    Home limit

    Part 3 Sidebar & Overhead Display
    The sidebar function provides various variables, and it tastes better when combined with PAPI
    It was originally written for me UltiLevel and UltiEconomy. Later, a friend proposed to customize
    Ever since, the customizable sidebar is released
    You can customize the sidebar display in the configuration file, and the customization part also supports PAPI variables
    And the sidebar is dynamically displayed, if this item has no substantive information, it will not be displayed
    And there is a dynamic equipment durable display
    Support hat (H), armor (C), leg armor (L)
    Boots (B), main hand (M), off-hand (O) item durability display
    You can also fully customize this sidebar
    And the sidebar can be closed separately for players who don’t like something on the right
    The overhead display supports modifying the prefix and suffix, fully customizable, and supports papi variables
    Real-time dynamic update
    Sidebar display
    As you can see, it won’t be displayed after you read the new mail
    You can even customize the entire content
    Dynamic equipment durability display
    Overhead display
    Dynamic display

    Part 4 Remote Backpack
    What players hate most is that someone found diamonds while mining with others, but their bag was full, so that the diamonds were taken away by others
    Now these are not problems!
    Remote backpack, open multiple additional backpacks anytime, anywhere! Good news for players!
    Remote backpacks, use coins to buy extra backpacks! The gospel of server owners!
    The remote backpack supports storing enchanted items, items with lore, and items with custom names
    Retaining durability is the same experience as putting things in a box!
    Create a backpack
    Open the backpack
    You can even draw pictures (dog head)

    Part 5 Chest Locker
    Protecting personal property is an important part of the server economy system
    This plug-in provides a box lock function, supports command locking and command unlocking, and can even share a box with friends while ensuring the safety of items

    Part 6 Join Welcome
    The server welcome is a player’s first image of a server, so I won’t say more
    New features may be added in the future, I like more suggestions ;)

    Part 7 Whitelist Part
    The whitelist can protect the server from harassment (to a certain extent),
    It can also prevent players from entering the server during server maintenance.
    My whitelist is unless you are on the list, otherwise, you won’t be able to enter the server, not even ops
    Whitelist supports linking to MySQL database
    Whitelist is turned off by default. Open it through config.yml.

    Part 8 Multi-world part
    Multi-world management/multi-world transfer
    Support customized world
    You can add, delete, and load the world!
    The administrator can prohibit players from using commands to enter a certain world
    And there is GUI support!
    Customize the description of each world!
    Click to send!
    The administrator can prohibit players from entering a certain world

    Part 9 Chat prefix part
    Support custom chat prefix, change in configuration file
    You can use color codes and support PAPI variables!
    Chat display
    Configuration file

    Part 10 GUI Login
    A player: Every time you log in, you have to rush as if you are going to work or school, for fear of overtime, you may make a mistake.
    A Sever owner: Every time a player logs in, he can perform other operations besides inputting instructions :(

    It's not a problem now!
    GUI login, so you don’t have to hurriedly enter your password again!
    The player cannot move, input commands, or do anything except click on any input that the GUI content does not have!
    Simple login, simple registration, not ordinary and efficient!
    And supports MySQL! Support binding mailbox to change password (paid function)!


    log in


    Suggestions by vang_z

    Part 11 Kits System
    Item bag/gift bag system allows you to customize the gift bag you want to give/let players buy
    What can be included?
    The gift package can contain multiple items, which can execute player commands and background commands
    What are the restrictions?
    The gift pack allows players to buy repeatedly, pay for purchase, purchase at a certain level, or purchase from a certain profession (level profession requires UltiLevel support)
    Can execute commands in the background
    You can set an unlimited claim chance or just once.

    Part 12 Authority Group Management (removed in version 4.3.0)
    This is not a simple and simple authority group management function!
    Has smart and convenient tab completion and command reminders! Never fear that you won’t use permission groups anymore!
    Why can't you use this function after using GM+?
    It doesn't matter, this function is also compatible with GM+!
    Keep your GM+ or copy the data file over* and delete the GM+, it's up to you!
    With a GUI interface, the permissions of all players are clear at a glance!
    Simple and highly readable command operations, let you master it once!
    Visual permission group!
    Simple commands
    *If you need to delete GM+ and don’t want to lose data, please select the
    Put these three files into the UltiTools data folder
    Just replace the file with the same name
    Friendly reminder: Please make a data backup when transferring data. Any data loss caused by transferring data without backup is irrelevant to the author

    Part 13 Death Penalty
    When the server is turned on, the items don’t fall, and the players are not afraid one by one?
    How can I lose the excitement of the original version?
    It's not a problem now, death penalty, give the top iron player a heavy blow.
    Support drop gold coins, drop items randomly
    Support death execution background commands
    Support choosing the world to open and drop gold coins or items
    Configuration file

    Part 14 TPA
    TPA is very necessary when handing out with a friend in server.
    now UltiTools supported TPA! In a more convenient way!

    You can accept a tpa request with command, and also with short cuts!

    Type [/tap accept] to accept the teleport, or press shift+q to accept
    Type [/tap reject] to reject the teleport, or wait for 20 seconds to automatically reject

    Part 15 Warp
    The server warp is online!
    Also known as server tp point, it is convenient and simple to create tp points
    And support Ess transfer warps data import! It is simple and fast!
    GUI transfer point support!

    Support Essentials warps data import!
    Import method:
    Import all the files in the warps folder under the Essentials data folder into the /UltiTools/warps folder, restart the server, and you are all done!

    The highest permissions of warp function:
    Permission to use warp function:

    Part 16 Back
    After death, use /back to return to the place of death, no need to run the map again!
    Thinking there seems to be nothing to introduce?
    Part 17 Spawn
    Use /spawn to teleport to the spawn point of the world
    Well, there is nothing to introduce

    -----------Detailed explanation of plugin commands-------------
    Command function Default permission Description
    /email read read new mail player open inbox GUI
    /email senditem [player] [message] Send an email with attachments to a player Players send hand-held items! ! Attachment reservation Quantity, enchantment, lore, durability, etc.
    /email send [player] [message] send an email to a player
    /email sendall [player] [message] Send an email to all players in the server. If you have an item in your hand, send a hand-held item! !
    But this item will not be lost!
    Send a normal email empty-handed
    Send emails to all players (offline + online)
    /email delhistory Delete historical emails, cannot be restored
    /home Back to the default home
    /home [home name] Back to a certain home player
    /sethome Set the default home
    /sethome [home name] set a home player
    /delhome [home name] delete a home. Delete the default home use
    /delhome default
    /homelist View home list
    /mw help Multi-world command to help
    /mw [world name] teleport to a world player
    /mw create [world name] Create a new world
    /mw load [world name] Load a certain world. Put your map in the root directory
    Execute this command
    /mw delete [world name] delete a world. first execute this command, close the server
    Delete the world folder in the root directory
    Restart the server
    /mw list world list players
    /mw block [world name] Forbid players to teleport to a certain world
    /mw unblock [world name] Unban the player from teleporting to a certain world
    /sb [open/close] Toggle the sidebar, the player only controls the personal sidebar display
    /wl help whitelist help
    /wl list whitelist list
    /wl add [player] Add someone to the whitelist
    /wl remove [player] remove someone from the whitelist
    /lock lock the chest, the player needs to lock both sides of the big chest
    /unlock Unlock the chest, the player needs to unlock both sides of the big chest
    /bag Open the remote backpack
    /bag [player] [number] Open a remote backpack of a player. Bag will have tab completion, the number represents the number of the bag.
    /kits Open gift package/item package GUI
    /ultitools reload reload plug-in configuration file
    /clean check check the number of all entities
    /clean item [world] Clean all/a world's drops
    World name behind optional
    /clean mobs [world] Clean up all/mobs in a certain world. The following world name is optional
    /clean all [world] Clean all/a certain world entities
    World name behind optional
    /clean help clean function help
    /tpa [player] request a teleport to another player
    /tpa accept accept the tpa request. You can use Shift+q for shortcut
    /tpa reject reject the tpa request.
    *For detailed explanation of permission group commands, please see the picture at the bottom of the permission group introduction.​

    -----------Detailed explanation of configuration file-------------
    Basic configuration file (/config.yml)
    # Configuration file version, please do not modify
    config_version: 3.0
    # Language used Chinese zh_CN, English us_EN (under development, welcome friends who are willing to translate the plug-in)
    language: zh_CN
    # Whether to open the PRO version
    enable_pro: false
    # PRO version registration account name, fill in whatever you want, but this will be your identification code
    pro_name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    # PRO version key, get it by private message
    pro_key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    # Set true to use mysql database, set false to use yml to store data
    enableDataBase: false
    # Fill in your Host, the default is Localhost
    host: localhost
    # Fill in your Mysql port, the default is 3306
    port: 3306
    # Fill in your username, the default is root
    username: root
    # Fill in your password
    password: root
    # Fill in the database you need to connect to
    database: minecraft
    #(Sidebar)Switch scoreboard
    enable_scoreboard: true
    # Whether to enable automatic version checking
    enable_version_check: true
    # Whether to enable automatic version upgrade (must also enable automatic version check)
    enable_auto_update: false
    # Whether to open the home function
    enable_home: true
    # Whether to enable the lock box function
    enable_lock: true
    # Whether to open the mail function
    enable_email: true
    # Whether to open the server prompt function
    enable_onjoin: true
    # Whether to enable the remote backpack function
    enable_remote_chest: true
    # Whether to open the sidebar display equipment durability function (if the performance is insufficient, please turn off this function)
    enable_armor_check: true
    # Whether to enable multi-world management/transmission
    enable_multiworlds: true
    # Whether to enable the chat prefix function
    enable_chat: true
    #(Whitelist) Open the whitelist
    enable_white_list: false
    #(Title)Enable the display of the prefix and suffix of the head name
    enable_name_prefix: true
    #(Login) Whether to enable the login function (Thanks to vang_z for the advice!)
    enable_login: true
    # (Gift package) Whether to enable the gift package function (thanks to Hadrian Caesar for his opinion!)
    enable_kits: true
    #(Cleanup) Whether to enable the cleanup function (Thanks to Juechen for your opinion!)
    enable_cleaner: true
    #(Permission) Whether to enable the permission function (Thanks to Juechen for your opinion!)
    enable_permission: true
    #(Sidebar) Open PAPI variables
    enable_PAPI: false
    # (Remote backpack) The price required to create a remote backpack
    price_of_create_a_remote_chest: 10000
    # (chat) Custom chat prefix
    chat_prefix: §e[§a%player_world%§e][§c%ul_job%§dLv.%ul_level%§e][§b%player_name%§e]
    # (Title) Customize the prefix displayed on the head
    name_prefix: §e[§c%ul_job%§dLv.%ul_level%§e]
    # (Title) Customize the suffix of the head display
    name_suffix: §e[§c%ul_health%§e/§c%ul_max_health%§e]
    Package configuration file (/kits.yml)
    xinshou: <- write a unique id here, anything will do, but it must be unique
    item: OAK_PLANKS <- This is the material of the item displayed in the GUI, not the content
    reBuyable: false <- here is whether you can repeat the purchase
    name: novice gift package <- here is the name of the gift package
    level: 1 <- This is the level that can be received and needs UltiLevel support
    job: All <- Here are the occupations that can be claimed, "All" means all occupations can get it, and "No occupation" means only players without occupations can get it. For other occupations, please refer to UltiLevel introduction
    description: Although it is made of wood, it is very practical <- Here is the description of the package
    price: 0 <- here is the money spent to buy this package
    WOODEN_PICKAXE: <- Here is the content
    quantity: 1 <- here is the quantity of this content
    quantity: 1
    quantity: 1
    quantity: 1
    quantity: 1
    playerCommands: [] <- Here are the commands executed by the player, which forces the player to execute by themselves, [] is empty
    consoleCommands: <- Here are the commands executed in the background, let the background execute a command, {PLAYER} is a placeholder, referring to the player who purchased this package
    -say {PLAYER} received the starter package
    -givemoney {PLAYER} 100
    Scavenger configuration file (/cleaner.yml)
    # Configuration file version, please do not modify
    config_version: 1.0
    # Scavenger name
    cleaner_name: sweeper
    # Switch timing cleaning (not effective when smart cleaning is turned on)
    clean_entity_task_enable: false
    # Switch to uninstall idle blocks
    unload_chunk_task_enable: true
    # Switch smart cleaning
    enable_smart_clean: true
    # Regular cleaning interval
    clean_period: 6000
    #The type to be cleaned up (all stands for all, items stands for drops, mobs stands for creatures)
    # Need to clean up the world (all means all)
    #Smart clean up the upper limit of falling objects
    item_max: 2000
    #Smart cleanup biological cap
    mob_max: 1000
    #Smart cleanup entity limit
    total_entity_max: 2500
    Sidebar configuration file (/sidebar/config.yml)
    # Configuration file version, please do not modify
    config_version: 1.0
    # Sidebar title
    scoreBoardTitle: Welcome to join the server
    # The following configuration fills in the PAPI variable, you need to open the PAPI variable in config.yml (enable_papi: true)
    # Player name variable
    # Online people variable
    # Skill cooling variable
    # Cash amount variable
    # Deposit variable
    # Level variable
    # Current experience value variable
    # Experience points required to upgrade to the next level
    # Mana variable
    # Maximum mana variable
    # Current health variable
    # Maximum health variable
    # Career Variable
    # Custom content
    -This is customized content
    -Can be changed in the configuration file
    -Support PAPI variables
    Join welcome profile (/joinwelcome.yml)
    # Configuration file version, please do not modify
    config_version: 1.0
    # Send to server welcome in x seconds
    sendMessageDelay: 4
    # Welcome to the server
    -§BWelcome to join the server, §e%player_name%§b!
    -§B Please be kind to others and enjoy the game!
    -'--- This reminder can be modified in the configuration file'
    # opInto the server prompt
    op_join: §c[Admin] §e%player_name% §c is online
    # op Offline prompt
    op_quit: §c[Admin] §e%player_name% §c is offline
    # Player entering server prompt
    player_join: §c[player] §e%player_name% §c is online
    # Player offline prompt
    player_quit: §c[player] §e%player_name% §c is offline
    Box lock configuration file (/chestlock.yml)
    # Configuration file version, please do not modify
    config_version: 1.0
    # op can open the locked box
    op_unlock: true
    # op can destroy the locked box
    op_break_locked: true
    Home feature configuration file (/home.yml)
    # Configuration file version, please do not modify
    config_version: 1.0
    # The maximum number of homes that ordinary players can set
    home_normal: 3
    # The maximum number of homes that intermediate players can set, permission: ultikits.tools.level1
    home_pro: 5
    # The maximum number of homes that can be set by advanced players, permissions: ultikits.tools.level2
    home_ultimate: 10
    # Home transfer before shaking
    home_tpwait: 3
    Login configuration file (/login.yml)
    # Configuration file version, please do not modify
    configVersion: 1.0
    # The number of accounts that can be registered with the same ip
    playerLimitForOneIP: 1
    Death penalty configuration file (/death.yml)
    # Configuration file version, please do not modify
    config_version: 1.0
    # Whether to open the item drop
    enable_item_drop: false
    # Whether to enable gold coin drop
    enable_money_drop: true
    # Whether to enable death to execute background commands
    enable_punish_commands: true
    # Number of gold coins dropped after death
    money_dropped_ondeath: 100
    # The number of items randomly dropped after death
    item_dropped_ondeath: 3
    # Commands executed in the background after death ({PLAYER} refers to the player placeholder)
    punish_command: []
    # Open the world where death random items drop
    # Open the world where gold coins fall after death
    # Open the world of executing background commands after death
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