Ultimate Chat v2.0


  1. DrRotstein
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    UltimateChat is a chat-manager for any Minecraft-Spigot Server.
    -Editing of Join- and Quitmessage
    -Antispam-Methods (RepeatMessages and SlowMode) and bypass them
    -Editing of the chatformat

    /joinmessage or /jm
    /quitmessage or /qm
    /repeatmessages or /rm
    /slowmode or /sm
    or /bas
    /chatformat or /cf
    or /plf
    To get a GUI about all the settings, do /chatsettings or /cs

    uc.uc: Used for all chatsettings (/chatsettings)
    uc.jqm: Used for Join- and Quitmessage
    uc.antispam: Used for all the antispam methods
    uc.bypassantispam: Bypass the antispam methods
    uc.playerlistformat: Edit the playerlistformat
    uc.editor: For the chat editor (Only used, when you edit join-, quitmessages or chatformat)

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Recent Updates

  1. Small Addon-Compability, Bug fixes