Ultimate command blocker 420 1.420

This wonderful plugin allows you to block specific commands from being executed!

  1. LaxWasHere
    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is that weird thing you uploaded?
    Glad you asked! It allows its users (aka YOU!) to block certain commands to users, that is prevent them from being executed and displays a fancy error message. It will however not stop them from tab-completing blocked commands!

    So why is your plugin so much better than all the others with the same functionality?
    Well, first of all, it is the only one was the first one of its kind in this Bungee Resources Section is just another plugin for blocking commands. Aside from that, it is fully configurable and efficient!

    What do you mean when saying "configurable"?
    With this plugin, you can configure practically everything! A few examples:
    • Messages! All messages that are output are configurable.
    • Permission Nodes! You can choose which permission node the plugin checks for.
    • Target Commands! You can choose yourself what commands the plugin blocks.

    So where do I get it?
    Your server needs Java 7 or higher to run this plugin.
    Check out the source on GitHub: https://gist.github.com/LaxWasHere/9123395
    Get your free copy today, pre-compiled! (Look at that big blue"Download Now" button above the text)

    Note that you need to install BungeeYAML in order for the features to work.
    And you give that to me for FREE?
    Yes, indeed! It is also licensed under a GNU General Public License v2, that means that you can for example modify it, use it on your commercial server, and more! (Check out the full license on GitHub or here)

    So how do I run it?
    Just drop it into your plugins folder and make sure that BungeeYAML is installed. Run it once and then configure it as much as you want in plugins/UltimateCommandBlocker420/config.yml : )

    Your plugin is a so bad that I want to contribute!
    Pull Requests are always welcome! : )

    HALP!!! Ur plugin r no works!!!
    Just make an issue on GitHub and I'll look into it. If you want immediate conversation, you can find me in #spagt on irc.spi.gt. (As Laxie)

    Is this even tested?
    All implemented features were closely examined on Bungee #844 (Minecraft 1.7.2-R0.3)

    Special Thanks to @Dmck2b & @xxyy98 for making that wonderful banner in the README :3 & this documantation.

Recent Reviews

  1. SebliYT
    Version: 1.420
    Nice Plugin, funktioniert echt super und bis jetzt ist noch kein fehler aufgetreten. Gute Arbeit !!!
  2. Clippy
    Version: 1.420
    Better than that other command blocker written by LaxWasHere. Super effective at blocking commands and above all, it's open source.
  3. henrikil
    Version: 1.420
    10/10 would bang
  4. KillerAnt9000
    Version: 1.420
    Works I guess.
  5. coleryan104
    Version: 1.420
    Very useful
  6. xxyy98
    Version: 1.420
    Excellent plugin! Especially the source, resource icon and docs are awesome! 10/10 users would recommend to friend!
    1. LaxWasHere
      Author's Response
      Try ty. Ily