Ultimate DoubleJump v2.5

A plugin made by MisterGamingNL this plugin lets player double jump

  1. Jochem
    Made by MisterGamingNL

    This is my first published plugin!

    With this plugin you can let players double jump in your server! Its got an nice particle and sound! This plugin got also an easy to use config!

    - doublejumpreload - Reloads the Config
    - djr - Reloads the Config also

    Permissions Note:

    udj.jump - Lets the player Jump!
    udj.admin - The admin Permission for reloading the config!

    Our server:

    If you have some bugs that post it in the comments here

    Got some plugin id's post it here to!


Recent Updates

  1. Height added to the config
  2. Permissions Update