Ultimate Essentials ✪ [1.8] ✪ Fully Customizable! 2.9

The all-in-one must have resource for any and every server!

  1. Updating to 2.9 of the Premium Ultimate Essentials (UltimateEssentialsPro)

    Here's a little recap of everything that has been added/fixed, I hope y'all enjoy.

    v1.1 is here!

    I hope you enjoy all the new features!

    + added extiguishing to /heal
    + minor bug fixes
    + /heal now removes all potions
    + /god now extinguishes
    + Updated customizable messages
    + added /gmc, /gms and /gma as aliases for gamemode changing
    + /id now tells the id of the block you are looking at
    + /iteminfo tells all info about the block you are currently holding
    + /block changes all blockable items into blocks. (ex. 9 Diamonds -> 1 Diamond Block)

    Kits are Here!!

    + Minor Bug Fixes
    + Kits!
    + /kit
    + /kit create <name> <true/false> <number (hours)> (The true/false is if you want the kit to use permissions, and the number is the amount of hours for cooldown)
    + /kit remove
    + /kit View (ALL NEW KIT VIEWER!)
    + /flashlight
    + /tp GUI bug fix

    PlayerVaults are here!

    + /kit commands now added to Help menus
    + /kit <kit name> functionality
    + Fixed Help Menu
    + Fixed /gm messages
    + /gmc <player> functionality
    + /gms <player> functionality
    + /gma <player> functionality
    + Minor Admin Menu Fixes
    + Player Vaults are here!
    + /vault open <number>
    + /vault clear <number>
    + don't use a number for a easy to use GUI
    + Permission is "ue.vault" to use it
    + Permission is "ue.vault.<number of vaults>" for how many vaults they are allowed!

    Had reports of permission not working properly. I fixed and tested both PEX and Groupmanager on a Spigot 1.9.4 server and everything works great. If I missed a permission let me know and I will put it in the next update.

    Other than that, Custom Tab is here!

    + /vault tag - Allows you to tag vaults so you remember what they are
    + Reduced Vault GUI load times
    + Custom Tab Header and Footer
    + /tab header <text>
    + /tab footer <text>
    + /tab enable/disable
    + Tab Placeholders
    + Fixed PermissionsEX Support
    + Fixed Groupmanager Support
    + Minor Bug Fixes


    + Reorganized the customizable messages
    + Fixed Tab placeholders not refreshing
    + Added <health> and <hunger> Tab placeholders


    + Tested 1.8.8 version of UE Pro
    + Included 1.8.x Dependencies download link
    + Join/Leave customizable action bar messages
    + /ban
    + /unban


    + Fixed TPA Action bar countdown bug
    + Easier to use placeholders for chat format
    + Permission for color chat now - ue.chat.color
    + Colored suffixes now supported
    + /heads command, Nice GUI with many youtubers heads + More! For ideas on more heads let me know!


    + Fixed a critical /kits bug


    + Added Multiple Pages of warps
    + Fixed bug where players could not warp to warps inside a plant or grass\
    + Fixed Aliases file for 1.8 so there is no errors in console from skript :)
    + Updated Installation.txt

    Woohoo! Try out /heads!

    + MASSIVE /heads revamp!
    + Online Player Heads Menu
    + Fixed /id for signs
    + Update Checker
    + UUID Support now implemented

    Yay Emojis!

    + Fixed Tab Text only showing one player's info
    + New Tab placeholder "<nl>" for adding multiple lines!
    + Fixed console error when switching warps pages
    + Multiple new emoji placeholders for tab (/tab placeholder)
    + Placeholders added to /motd (/motd placeholders)
    + Recoded /motd
    + New /Titlebroadcast Command that sends a title for your messages (/tbr)
    - Downscaled /id to original coding

    Yay 1.10!!

    + Hourly update checks are now an option
    + Removed the non-applicable placeholders from motd placeholder list
    + Color Chat when not using UE Pro Chat formatting (perm: ue.chat.color)
    + Made it so join message control enables/disables both chat and action bar messages
    + NOW OFFICIALLY SUPPORTS 1.10! Tested and working :)

    Tons of great features!

    + Recoded /list to be a GUI
    + /lag now added to give a memory and tps report
    + First Join Kits added (Find the options in the "/ue admin" menu)
    + Player Mentioning in chat
    + Join sound
    + New page to admin menu
    + /ignore
    + Recoded UE Pro chat
    + Skull & Characters added to /heads
    - Removed /stafflist as staff are included in /list now

    v1.7.5 Hotfix!

    + Fixed a bug with chat only being sent to one person

    This is a big one! :D

    + Permission based warp bypass for blocked warps (ue.warp.bypass)
    + /chatcolor (Choose what colors and types of text you have individually!)
    + UUID Support for /mute, /socialspy, /ignore and /god
    + /back
    + Deathchest
    + Tombstone Sign
    + Version checker in /ue info
    + Official 1.10.2 Support!
    + Dependencies Update! Make sure to re-download the dependencies if you are running UE Pro already!

    Squash Them Bugs!

    + /sign
    + Ability to have deathchest only happen a certain percentage of the time (can be found in the Settings Section)
    + Rearranged some customizable settings
    + /gm spectator
    + Deathchests now destroy tombstone sign on break
    + /Exp recoded
    + Fixed /speed
    + /gm GUI fixed
    + Fixed /realname issue
    + Fixed /nick issue deleting nickname when player relogs
    + Fixed /butcher stopping mob drops sometimes

    Woohoo! New Update!

    If using the (1.9.x) Version change the version number at the top to 1.9

    + /realname GUI
    + Recoded /nick
    + /jump
    + /sudo
    + Anti-Swear & Anti-Advertising with strike system (Can perform a command)
    + /burn
    + /v
    + Fixed bug with /sign edit
    + /Playertool or /pt
    + /staffchat
    + /commandspy - View commands from console and players
    + Fixed bug with /socialspy and seeing your own messages
    + Minor Bug Fix


    + Fixed Multicraft "Unknown Command" Spam
    + Fixed home GUI opening when player has no homes.
    + /tptoggle
    + /tpo
    + /tpohere
    + More aliases for /message
    + Indicator in /list GUI when a player is AFK
    + First Join Message!
    + Fixed Issue where nick would get removed after relogging
    + ue.nick.others permission
    + Emojis in chat
    + Reconfigured all of /ue help to be more efficient
    + /ext now can be used on others
    + Can now set reasons for being AFK
    + /potion (Can apply potion effects to anyone)
    + Time span options for /god, /mute and /fly
    + /tempban
    + Commands now break a players AFK status
    - Removed glowing items in GUIs as they were not working.


    + Fixed tptoggle in versions 1.9.x and 1.8.x



    + /emojis (ue.emojis)
    + /soulbound (ue.soulbound)
    + Fixed tempban so you can't ban already banned players
    + Added an argument so you can specify a reason for temp-banning
    + /banlist (ue.banlist)
    + Fixed the /kit view message
    + Fixed /tab placeholders menu showing the help menu aswell
    + /ride (ue.ride)
    + /enderchest now has a separate permission for viewing others enderchests (ue.echest.others)
    + /invsee exempt permission now added (ue.invsee.exempt)

    This is by far the biggest update ever and one of the biggest skripts on the internet!!

    Join our official test server!

    Join our Discord! https://discord.gg/aw4mFMk

    + /spawner Back in 1.8 and 1.9
    + Spectator Back into 1.8
    + NEW config.yml
    + NEW messages.yml
    + /staffmail (ue.staffmail to send and ue.admin to check/clear)
    + Command Logs
    + Soulbound Sign
    + Color Signs (ue.signs.colored)
    + /rules (ue.rules)
    + /addrules (ue.admin)
    + /delrules (ue.admin)
    + Fixed /tpall not working
    + Reasons/Banner/Ban time to /banlist
    + /giveall (ue.giveall)
    + Fixed issue with sending /msg from console
    + Add all new stuff to help
    + Make deathchests togglable
    + Add GEO IP to /seen (ue.seen.geoip)
    + /seen gui change depending on amount of players
    + fix soulbound allowing you to put in on a item more than once.
    + fix command logs not deleting correctly
    + Emoji Signs (ue.signs.emojis)

    • A section in the config.yml to allow disabling certain features in /seen.
    • Emoji support for /sign
    • Aliases for /repair (/fix and /fix all)
    • An alias for /realname (/whois)
    • /fireball - ue.fireball
    • /lightning striking where you are looking if no argument is specified
    • Aliases for /iteminfo (/info and /itemdb)
    • /sun
    • /storm
    • /rain
    • /setrespawn (ue.setrespawn)
    • /ping (ue.ping)

    • Message for /nick
    • Changed /repair to /fix because it was interfering with mcmmo
    • Changed /clearlag main command to not override clearlagg
    • Messages for /kit
    TO USE ECONOMY, REQUIRES Vault & iConomy

    + perm to attack while in god mode
    + Arguments can be used for /chatcolor
    + /helpop
    + Fixed Muting for certain amount of time not working
    + Fixed mention messages being reversed
    + Official 1.11.2 Support
    + Placeholders to chat format ({world},{health},{ping},{hunger},{balance})
    + /eco
    + /pay
    + /baltop
    + /bal
    + Buy/Sell Signs
    - Removed /spawner altogether from versions 1.9-1.11
    - Permission message is hard-coded for now
    - God Mode not working correctly

    Update to get the following fixes

    + Fixed Econ Permission Grouping
    + God Mode fixed
    + Fixed Issue with some economy messages

    Remember to check over the permission lists as some permissions have changed.

    + Fixed not being able to suicide in god
    + Fix /tpall
    + Permission Grouping
    + Fix Clickable Signs
    + Perms for each clickable sign
    + Fixed Auto Updating Config/Messages Files

    Recode of UE Files (A lot smaller and properly auto updates)

    + ALL Versions (1.8-1.11.2) Use the same Dependencies!
    + TuSKe Dependencies (A LOT of awesome features to come with this one)
    + Can put "$" on buy/sell signs
    + Recoded UE Files.sk
    + Messages and Configs are now auto updating (Won't have to regenerate files with new updates)
    + Improvements to /repair
    + Made a check for weather lock
    + Fixed enderdragon not dying with /butcher
    + /warn (ue.admin.warn)
    + /warns (ue.warns.check)
    + /clearwarns (ue.admin.clearwarns)
    + Added /help
    + Added /search
    + Kits recoded
    + Fixed Custom sounds in config not working
    + AutoBroadcast (ue.admin.autobroadcast)
    + /bc alias for broadcast
    + Warps having a permission per warp
    + Fixed /god still taking damage
    + Fixed the replacehome bug
    + Replaced the Umbaska dependency with Skellett as it has all the same features + more and is updated often.
    + Replaced the WildSkript dependency with SkUtilities as it has all the same features + more and is updated often.
    + /ue reload messages/config is now just /ue reload files
    - TPS reading from /lag
    - Removed /ue help

    Big Update Coming Up Next!

    + Fixed messages for /autobroadcast
    + Fixed messages prefix for /search

    HUGE CHANGELOG THIS TIME! Lots of Changes!

    + /ue reload reset to reset files to defaults
    + Recoded all GUI's (add glass borders for all)
    + Replace all subs with functions
    + Recoded /seen
    + Recoded /top
    + Recoded /xp
    + Made it so /help only shows commands you have permission for
    + Made it so the seen gui shows last online time or amount of time player has been online
    + Fixed /broadcast messages
    + Made it so you don't have to specify a page for /help, it defaults to page one.
    + Fixed no permission message for fly
    + Fixed tags for /vault
    + Fixed UE Economy not always updating bal values
    + Particle Effects optional for teleport functions
    + Changeable Teleport wait time for /warp, /spawn /tpa, /tp, etc. (ue.teleportation.bypass to bypass wait timer)
    + Fixed /speed 1 changing player speeds other than your speed
    + Fixed /freeze messages
    + Fixed some config options not executing
    + Fixed kit messages and /kitcreate being flipped (will need to re-create your kits)
    + Fixed prefix for /helpop
    + Fixed player in NoPVP being able to attack but not be attacked
    + Fixed Buy/Sell signs not working with some items
    + Recoded /heads
    + Recoded /spawnmob
    + /stafflist (ue.list)

    As a side note! UEP can now run alongside factions in every version! 1.8-1.11!

    + Fixed Permission Message Variable
    + Fixed ue.spawnmob.admin permission for boss mobs
    + /warps is an alias for /warp now
    + Fixed UE Files throwing errors on setting version sometimes

    This update was a big one and a lot of new stuff was added! If you encounter any bugs please DM me or join our discord!

    + Command Blocker (Command perm: ue.blockcommand) (Bypass perm: ue.blockcommand.bypass, ue.admin)
    + Combat Log (Bypass perm: ue.combatlog.bypass or ue.admin)
    + Custom Death Messages
    + /UE help (Command Perm: ue.help)
    + /randomTP (Command Perm: ue.randomTP, ue.randomTP.others)
    + Fixed message for teleport commands displaying after particles
    + Fixed /spawnmob spawning 2 mobs when you specify 1
    + /rename is an alias for /setname
    + /relore and /setlore is an alias for /lore
    + /colour and /chatcolour is an alias for /chatcolor
    + Recoded Chat System
    + Fixed UE Files throwing errors sometimes
    + Invsee player picker gui
    + Recoded /flashlight
    + Improved and fixed Anti-Advertising/Swear
    + Fixed Vault GUI
    + Can add up to 108 vaults
    + Fixed /ignore
    + Fixed /mute
    + Added kit signs (ue.signs.click.kit)
    + Recoded the kits GUI and the giving of kits.
    + Fixed PlayerMentioning
    + Added kit preview signs (ue.signs.click.kit)
    + Fixed AutoBroadcast being too resource heavy
    + Particle and Wait added to /top and /back
    + Can have up to 200 homes now
    + Fixed deathchests still spawning if you have never turned them on or off before.
    + Fixed the messages for /potion
    + Fixed gamemode no perm message

    Must have bug fix for NEW awesome Custom Death Messages!

    + Fixed Custom Death Messages
    + Changed some of the default death messages
    + Recoded /iteminfo
    + /iteminfo now supports color IDs
    + Custom Death Messages now compatible with mob attackers

    Some essential fixes for a couple bugs and awesome improvements to kit GUI and kit signs!

    + Fixed bug with some items in /item and /give
    + Fixed /warp performing the particles before the message is sent
    + Fixed kit sign lore for players without permission
    + Price to kit sign lore
    + Cooldown to kit sign lore
    + Kit signs now support unlimited kits or kits supporting the cooldown and price (true/false on line 4)


    + Updated all Dependencies to the latest version
    + Fixed Bug with UE Files not Loading Correctly
    + Added Json features (Clickable chat) to /help
    + Made all commands compatible with command blocks
    + Fixed bug with max homes
    + Made efforts to fix issue with /baltop crashing servers
    + Minor Bug Fixes

    Make sure to update your aliases-english file as it has changed!

    + Recoded /ue admin
    + Recoded /baltop to perform more efficiently and added pages
    + /worth (ue.economy.worth)
    + /setworth (ue.economy.setworth)
    + /sellall (ue.economy.sellall)
    + /sell (ue.economy.sell)
    + Sell and Sellall Signs
    + Recoded /item and /give to only give a holdable item
    + /bank (ue.economy.bank)
    + /account (ue.economy.bank)
    + Recoded /unenchant so you can remove specific enchantments now.
    + Disposal Sign
    + /Disposal (ue.trash)
    + Added json support to /help and /ue help
    + Added chat cooldown (you can only send 3 messages every 10 seconds)
    + Split anti-advertisment and anti-cuss up
    + Split the options for anti-advertisment and anti-cuss up in ue admin
    + Added an option in ue admin to toggle death messages
    + Changed aliases-english file to perform better
    + In-Game MOTD
    + Support for & symbol in messages.yml and config.yml
    + Players can now /warp others
    + Fixed bug with Buy sign messages
    + Starting Economy Balance is now customizable in the config
    + Made /help and /ue help configurable
    + Fixed staffmail
    + Fixed words containing swear words being picked up as swears
    + /back now works properly on death


    + Fe has been added as the new Economy Dependency (READ WARNING ABOVE)
    + /spawner or Crouch and Right Click a spawner (ue.spawner, ue.spawner.admin for boss mobs)
    + Fixed issue with any player allowed to reset bank balances
    + Fixed SocialSpy not working
    + Fixed issue with warp permissions
    + Fixed /help crashing players
    + /eco giveall <amount> (ue.economy.giveall)
    + /eco removeall <amount> (ue.economy.removeall)
    + Radius of /RandomTP is now configurable in the config.yml
    + /RandomTP now works in the nether (worlds ending in _nether)
    + Fixed bug with being able to pay players negative amounts

    Dependencies have updated again! Make sure to update!

    + Fix the kits bug where it would say they didn't have perm for any kits, when they did
    + Made chat the proper format (you can now use $, \, %, and everything)
    + /dye (armor)
    + Command Signs (ue.commandsign.admin)
    + Added option line on repair sign for price
    + Alias creator (ue.alias.create | ue.alias.use)
    + /Playerinfo (ue.playerinfo)
    + RandomTP Sign
    + Updated permissions for /staffchat to ue.staffchat for users and ue.admin.staffchat for admins
    + Updated permissions for /motd and /rules to ue.chat.motd and ue.chat.rules


    + Fixed issue with getting no-permission message when placing signs
    + Fixed kit GUI issues
    + Add all the stuff here: https://ibb.co/nkKOpa to /playerinfo

    Thank you for all players that reported bugs to us.

    + Fixed bug with balance not displaying when it is $0
    + Recoded the super broken /jail (ue.admin.jail)
    + Added /unjail (ue.admin.unjail)
    + /tptoggle works on /warp now
    + Fixed butcher killing passive mobs (you can change in config)
    + /world (ue.world.<world name> or ue.world.*)
    + Fix sending messages to self when using self as player argument
    + Changed /spawn to use world spawn instead of variables
    + Per-World-Spawns (info in config or FAQ)
    + Add @p as a placeholder for command signs
    + /mute and /ignore work for PMs and staffchat
    + Admins can now view other players homes (ue.home.others)
    + Fixed /butcher removing armor stands when not specified to
    + Fixed issue with /tppos not working with command blocks
    + Recoded /warp
    + Seperate permission for ability to overwrite warps (ue.setwarp.overwrite)
    + Fixed Bug with /giveall displaying messages of items not being given
    + Change GUI Headers
    + Fixed Bug with tab header/footer not refreshing constantly (Thanks Psicosis611)
    + Other Minor Bug Fixes
    - /anvil (never actually worked due to bukkit bug)

    To learn how to use the placeholderAPI! Check out FAQs

    + PlaceholderAPI Support [1.9+ Only]
    + /removeworth or /unworth or /delworth (ue.economy.delworth)
    + Multi-word alias commands (seperated by ' ')
    + /eco purge - Removes inactive accounts
    + /bank purge - Removes inactive accounts
    + Fixed bug with /eco not performing commands


    + Added perm to /bank purge (ue.economy.bank.purge)
    + Shift-Click into vaults
    + Enchant Sign
    + /wild and /wildtp now aliases for /RandomTP
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