Ultimate Essentials ✪ [1.8] ✪ Fully Customizable! 2.9

The all-in-one must have resource for any and every server!

  1. Updating to 2.9 of the Premium Ultimate Essentials (UltimateEssentialsPro)

    Here's a little recap of everything that has been added/fixed, I hope y'all enjoy.

    v1.1 is here!

    I hope you enjoy all the new features!

    + added extiguishing to /heal
    + minor bug fixes
    + /heal now removes all potions
    + /god now extinguishes
    + Updated customizable messages
    + added /gmc, /gms and /gma as aliases for gamemode changing
    + /id now tells the id of the block you are looking at
    + /iteminfo tells all info about the block you are currently holding
    + /block changes all blockable...
  2. 1.9-1.11 Support

    Finally implemented 1.9-1.11 Support

    + New Dependencies! Make sure to download the new ones
    + 1.9-1.11 Support
    - /spawner
  3. Update for 1.9.x Support + New Commands!


    + Official Update to 1.9.x Support!
    + Check out new dependency downloads in Dependencies.txt
    + /clearchat or /cc
    + /pclearchat or /pcc for clearing personal chat
    - /fireworks (Did not work with 1.9)
  4. More Commands!


    + /nopvp
    + recode of /nick
    + /realname
    + /freeze

    Just as a fore warning. There is a known issue with /realname as it only works properly for colored nicks if you use the color codes in the /realname command. Looking into a way to fix this. Just adding it with this update because it ties into the recode of /nick
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  5. Lots of new Commands and bug fixes!


    + /break
    + /socialspy
    + fixed /reply bug
    + /firework
    + /depth
    + /setmotd
    + MOTD for your server
    + /lightning or /zap
  6. Mail and Jail update!


    + Warp Signs format fix
    + /mail
    + /mailclear
    + Mail sign
    + Added nick permission and permission message
    + /setjail
    + /jail
    + /deljail
  7. Recoded Homes!


    + Recoded /sethome
    + Recoded /home
    + Recoded /delhome
    + Add new chat messages
    + Minor Bug Fixes

    WARNING: If you have been running previous versions of UE and experience issues with homes, please delete your variables file and the variables files in the "backups" folder then restart your server. This may be possible due to the use of similar variables in the recode! Homes should be a lot more efficient now though!
  8. Signs Update!


    + recoded /broadcast
    + sign (warp, spawn, god, butcher, time, fly, weather, repair, give, clearinventory)

    Attention: Wildskript is now a dependency for Signs to work so make sure you add it!
  9. Small Update


    + If player has permission "ue.afk.invincible" they will be invincible while afk
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  10. Small Update


    + /msg now sends a return message when the player recieving the message is afk