Ultimate Gadgets 1.7.0

A Simple Gadgets Box For Your Server

  1. LogicMC
    GadGets List:

    Melon Thrower:
    Throw Melons When Player Pickup The Melon Will Give Speed Potion.

    Dark Gadget:
    Throw OBSIDIAN When Player Pickup The OBSIDIAN Will Give Random Damaged Potions.

    FireWork Gadget:
    Click The FireWork To Launch It.

    FireWork Trail:
    Launch Firework On Movement.

    StonePlate Gadget:
    Throw Stone Plates When Someone pickup it
    will throw player away (velocity)
    never worry for fall damage
    permission: nofall.protect.

    Golden Head:

    Will Spawns GOLD[​IMG] NUGGETS on Player Movement
    and When Someone Pickup it will Play Some Sounds.

    Explosive Arrows:
    Will Give You A Bow When You Shoot Arrows
    Will explode and removed and the bow no need for arrows.

    Chicken Spawner:
    Will Give You A Feather When You Click it
    Will Spawns A lot of chickens with Your Name.

    Sugar Gadget:
    When You Click It Will give you speed potion.

    Grappling Hook:
    a fishing rod when your throw it and click second time right click will teleport to hook location.

    Hook Gadgets:
    When You Click It Will Hook and carries all players up.

    More Features:
    - Chest On Join
    - GUI Menu
    - Permissions
    - Config (Soon)
    - Reset Button in The GUI

    nofall.protect | To protect from fall damage
    Gadgets.Reset | Able Players to Reset GADG
    Gadgets.FT | Firework Trail
    Gadgets.Ingot | For Golden Head
    Gadgets.MelonThrower | For Melon Thrower
    Gadgets.Dark | For Dark Gadget
    Gadgets.Chicken | Chicken Spawner
    Gadgets.Rod | Grappling Hook
    Gadgets.Plate | Stone Plates
    Gadgets.Firework | Firework Gadget
    Gadgets.bow | Explosive Bow
    Gadgets.Sugar | For Speed Gadget
    Gadgets.Hook | Hook Gadget
    Gadgets.Open | To do /gadgets To Open menu


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Recent Reviews

  1. NelV_YT
    Version: 1.7.0
    Nice Plugin, Nice Job!
  2. wiseman
    Version: 1.7.0
    Lot of bugs/errors and not up to date.
  3. alexdg14
    Version: 1.7.0
    Many bugs, countless errors on the console. When activated the gadgets are not deleted.
  4. TrewCraft360
    Version: 1.7.0
    Never updates don't get it
  5. Aeeder
    Version: 1.7.0
    Are you gonna update this?
  6. TheCreeper
    Version: 1.7.0
    sorry but it is really bad for my server but good job
  7. canadianeggnog
    Version: 1.7|1.8
    its not extraordinary, i like the original ideas but i just think it lacked more features. you should also pay attention on you player move event with the firework trail and make sure the player has moved instead of just maybe moving his YAW or PITCH because if a player looks around the fireworks are launched and they are launched at a super fast rate. Only takes 10 - 15 people with this trail to cause hearing damage, lol.
    1. LogicMC
      Author's Response
      Ok. Thanks for the reply :D
  8. TheWonderful
    Version: 1.7|1.8
    Add Config and more gadgets Soon :D
    1. LogicMC
      Author's Response
      we will :D