Ultimate Messages 1.0

Config motds ban messages whitelist messages and more

  1. YoItsJimby
    the config looks like this
    Code (Text):
    ## the perm um.joinfull lets the player connect on full players
      banned: '&cYou are banned donate for unban!'
      fullserver: '&aThe server is full'
      whitelist: '&aYou are not whitelisted'
      motd: '&bYour MOTD'
    With this plugn you can
    • Add new whitelist messages
    • Add new ban messages
    • Have players join when servers full
    • Have a configurable MOTD
    Any other questions just reply in the descussion

Recent Reviews

  1. BreakoutMC
    Version: 1.0
    guys don't trust this developer, well I wouldn't even call him a developer he bought a source from my developer and claims he "codes everything from scratch" this is the exact layout for Impulsecore, he isnt a developer so don't hire him.