Ultimate Mob Heads 1.7.6

This plugin allows mobs and players to drop their heads when they are killed by a player.

  1. No more console errors!

    At least for now...

    The annoying error reports people got when an entity was blown up by an explosion is now gone. Thanks for the patience and you guys can expect a 1.13 release soon(ish)!

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  2. No more self head farming!

    I was informed about a bug where players could farm their own heads.

    I did not want to remove this bug for everyone, so I made it another configuration option. On default is it disabled, but feel free to leave it on enable ;)

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  3. Small addition to the config file :)

    Added config option to choose whether players heads should drop with or besides the player inventory. This comes in handy when other plugins or keepinventory prevent their items from getting dropped.

    If you don't want to rebuild your configuration file, add the following to prevent any errors:

    Code (Text):
    #Put this on true if you have a plugin (or keepInventory) which prevents player heads from dropping
    drop_player_heads_outside_inventory: false
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  4. Small fixes

    Fixed a bug where vanilla heads couldn't have a custom name, this is now possible.

    I added in two extra config options which allows you to remove error messages from the plugin in your console. I suggest leaving these settings off, because the messages might be important...

    If you want access to these settings without rebuilding your config file, add this to your config file:
    Code (Text):

    #If for some reason your console is spammed with messages from this plugin, you can surpress these warnings...
  5. Small bugfix

    Rabbit types no longer give errors on invalid types
  6. Made the plugin moe robust

    Removed the errors when invalid mobs are killed.

    For example, a rabbit without a rabbitType.
  7. Another fix + 2 new features

    - Charged creepers now work correctly! (again)
    - Display names of skulls can now be colored
    - Added an extra setting which allows player skulls to drop when they are killed by a charged creeper

    If you want to use the color codes for display names, make sure to put "quotes" around the displayname! Otherwise this won't work.

    You will need to re-generate the config, in order to get the latest player setting. You could also add the following rule to the config.
    Code (YAML):
    #Whenever a...
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  8. Charged creeper bug fixed

    Mobs now drop their heads correctly, when killed by a charged creeper (only if this is allowed in the config)
  9. Small fix

    Broadcasts for fish heads can now be disabled correctly
  10. Wither skeleton error fix

    Some of you might have noticed the console spamming messages that the wither skeleton is not supported and you should need to update. The wither skeleton is not supported on purpose and that is why the error message has been disabled when someone killed a wither skeleton.