Ultimate OITC 1.0

A ultimate oitc minigame created with the ultimate MinigameAPI.

  1. Ciprite
    Ultimate MinigameAPI
    created by Ciprite.
    Be patient and report bugs.

    You need the Ultimate MinigameAPI to have fun with this minigame: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/ultimate-minigameapi.15073/

    What is the Ultimate OITC:
    Remember that Call of duty game "One in the Chamber", This is practically the exact same thing! The Mechanics and Rules are simple. This minigame was created with the Ultimate MinigameAPI.

    • Full Spectator Mode with an intelligent inventory
    • Start command for every minigame
    • Free
    • 1.8 Features
    • Particles
    • Support on Twitter
    • Map reset
    • And much more...

    • Java 7
    • Spigot Server (no arena system)

    • /setlobby - Set the minigame lobby.
    • /start - Start the minigame.
    • /oitc set spawn - Set the player spawn

    • /setlobby - MinigameAPI.setlobby
    • /start - MinigameAPI.start

    Setup everything:
    1. Put the plugin and the Ultimate MinigameAPI into your plugins folder
    2. Start server and stop
    3. Edit the config.yml in the Ultimate MinigameAPI folder
    4. Have fun

    Support the development:
    Do you want to support the development of this minigame?
    Support the development with some cash. When you want to donate just send me a private message.

    Note that this page, documentation and the api is still in alpha. So be patient and report bugs and be fair because this is my first api.

    Thanks for reading.
    Ciao. :)