Ultimate RC Stats 1.13

Regroup all the statistics of your game plugins into one page

  1. Remi_CELLARD

    Tutorial : Soon

    Ultimate RC Stats is a web resource to gather the different statistics of your game plugins on a web page.

    Currently in development phase, there are only a few plugins compatible. You can consult this list just bellow.

    You can submit your plugin by contacting me (See below description of the resource).

    10 Downlaod
    50 Downlaod
    100 Download
    200 Download


    • Simple design
    • Several different plugins compatible
    • Player search system
    • Complete configuration
    • Intuitive interface
    • Status of the mojang servers
    • Space to write your rules in BBCode format
    • A customizable homepage
    • Modifiable modules (experience required)
    • Support of several languages: English and French
    • Simple creation of your translation for your page
    • Support at your disposal in case of problem

    Version : 1.12
    Date of last update : 28/08/2018(dd/mm/yyyy)
    Name of the last update :
    Operation with nuber + "API"
    Information about the latest update :

    System requirements :

    Web server :
    > Nginx (last version) or Apache (2.4 or more)
    > PHP 7.1 or more (PHP 7.2 is recommended).
    > MySQL
    > phpMyAdmin is not required but recommended if you want to manage your database.
    > Permission 755 or 777 on all files and folders
    > Disk Space : ~60MB

    Minecraft Server :
    > Compatible plugin (see the list just bellow)
    > Plugin connected to the database

    Installation procedure :
    A guide is present in the resource file to help you for install it

    Any plugin not in this list may not work. The author is not responsible for these malfunctions.

    When you download the resource, you accept the following rules

    > You can change the design
    > You can't re-upload or upload this resource without notifying the author's name (me)
    > You don't have the right to pass yourself off as the creator of the resource.
    > The copy of the resource is forbidden (whether it be the design or the php functions)[if you post that in public domain].
    > If you use this resource, you do not have the right to delete the credits in the footer

    About to post a review? Please do NOT post any issues as a review! If you have any problems, questions or suggestions, just PM me or use the discussion page! You can also contact me through Discord
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Recent Updates

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  2. Operation with nuber + "API"
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Recent Reviews

  1. YouTube0099
    Version: 1.0
    Great!!! <3

    I want to be able to see the recent games on the page!
    1. Remi_CELLARD
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! :)