Ultimate Referrals Beta [MySQL Support] [1.1]

Easy way to get players to your server and reward who invited players to your server.

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    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
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    What is this?

    This is a referral system that players can create their own referral codes and invite other players to join your server once these players redeem the referrals code to get RP (referral points) and the code creator also gets a little bit more RP for inviting people and they can claim some awesome configurable rewards.

    • /referrals | Main command
    • /referrals redeem <code> | To redeem someones code
    • /referrals create | Create your referral code
    • /referrals stats | Check your referral stats such as uses of the code points etc.
    • /referrals claim | Opens an inventory that contains custom rewards

    Config file:

    Code (Text):
    claim-inventory-name: Claim Referral Rewards
    points-receive-message: '&a[Referrals] &eYou have received &6%amount% referral points,
      &eYou have &6%points% &epoints now!'
    already-claimed: '&a[Referrals] &7You have already claimed this reward!'
    reward-claimed: '&a[Referrals] &eYou have claimed reward &b(%reward%)&e!'
    not-enough-points: '&a[Referrals] &7You dont have enough points to claim this reward!'
    points-on-redeem-code: 3
    points-on-someone-redeem: 10
    seconds: 7200
    not-allowed: '&a[Referrals] &7You are not allowed to redeem codes because you are
      too old member on the server we love you <3!'
    redeem-notify: '&a[Referrals] &eUser &b%redeemer%''s &ehas redeemed you code!'
    success-redeem: '&a[Referrals] &eYou have successfully redeemed &b%target%''s &ecode!'
    already-redeemed: '&a[Referrals] &7You have already redeemed this code!'
    wrong-code-format: '&a[Referrals] &7The code must be all in numbers!'
    redeem-error-own-code: '&a[Referrals] &7You cant redeem your own code!'
    redeem-error-not-exits: '&a[Referrals] &7This code does not exits!'
    redeem-error-args: '&a[Referrals] &7Check your arguments: &c/referrals redeem <code>&7!'
    referral-create-code-error: '&a[Referrals] &7You don''t have permissions to create
      a referral code!'
    code-already-created: '&a[Referrals] &7You have already created a referral code!'
    try-again: '&a[Referrals] &7Failed to create a code try again!'
    code-created: '&a[Referrals] &eYou have successfully created a referral code your
      code is &b(%code%)&e!'
    stats-error: '&a[Referrals] &7You did not create a code to view your stats!'
    mysql: false
    host: localhost
    port: '3306'
    database: testdb
    username: root
    password: ''
    - '&a&lReferrals Help'
    - '&7&m---------------------------------------------'
    - '&fCreate and share your referral code to get points'
    - '&fCan be used to claim many ingame rewards!'
    - '&fRanks coins and a lot more!!!'
    - '&fWhen someone use your code you will get &e10 points'
    - '&fAnd the user will get &e3 points &fdo /referral claim'
    - ''
    - '&b/referrals &eMain command for help'
    - '&b/referrals create &eCreate your referral code'
    - '&b/referrals stats &eTo view your referral stats'
    - '&b/referrals claim &eTo claim a reward'
    - '&7&m---------------------------------------------'
    - '&a&lYour Referrals Stats'
    - '&7&m------------------------------------------'
    - '&bYour code: &e%code%'
    - '&bPoints: &e%points%'
    - '&bUses: &e%uses%'
    - '&7&m------------------------------------------'
    Code (Text):
        reward-cost: 2
        reward-name: VIP RANK
        - pex user %player% group set vip
        - ''
        - '&fClick to claim &bVIP RANK'
        - '&fCosts: &e%points%'
        - ''
        - '&7You have claimed this reward!'

    seconds: in config which means the amount of time in seconds
    for example, if the user has been online for 60 seconds they can't redeem codes because they are already old members in the server


    If you have any issue or suggestion please contact me before doing a review
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    Version: [1.1]
    This resource is okay, but that's all for now. There appears to be no way to create rewards that can be collected more than once. That's a really bad idea in my opinion. Oh well.
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    You don''t have permissions to create
    a referral code ????How to do?You plug in this plug is very good, but the above I did not find the authority of the above authority, the player can not create the invitation code how to do?
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      Author's Response
      Permission: "referral.create" forgot to mention that C:
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    Excellent plugin, support, quality and a talented developer. Really wonderful job, totally blowing my mind.
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      Thanks again for the review :D