Ultimate Rides [Old Thread] 3.0.1

Ride API that can operate as a stand-alone plugin

  1. Ultimate Rides


    Ultimate Rides is a plugin designed to work both as an API and a stand-alone plugin. The plugin provides a way to create fully customizable rides using a number of predefined elements. Those rides can be a great addition to any server, even if they would be used as a lobby feature or as a full ride in a theme park.

    Planned Features
    • Support for 3 dimensional rides
    • Support for custom ride paths
    • More options on the minecart behavior
    Added features are underlined.


    Upcoming Custom Path System

    Commands& Permissions

    General commands:


    /uride ride create <Name> [uride.create]
    (creates a ride)

    /uride ride start <Name> [uride.start]

    (starts a ride)

    /uride ride stop <Name> [uride.stop]
    (stops a ride)

    /uride ride list [uride.list]
    (lists the existent rides)

    /uride ride delete <Name> [uride.create]
    (deletes the given ride)


    /uride path create [uride.create]
    (starts creating a path)

    /uride path add [uride.create]
    (adds a point to the current path)

    /uride path remove [uride.create]
    (removes the last point of the current path)

    /uride path abort [uride.create]
    (stops creating a path)

    /uride path build [uride.create]
    (generates the path and adds it to the selected element)


    /uride element select <Name> [uride.create]
    (Selects the ride with the given name)

    /uride element child list [uride.create]
    (Lists the children of the selected element)

    /uride element child select <number> [uride.create]
    (Selects the child of the selected element with the given ID)

    /uride element child remove <number> [uride.create]
    (Removes the child of the selected element with the given ID)

    /uride element child show [uride.create]
    (If the element is a PATH, spawns ArmorStands across it to make it visible)

    Adding An Element

    /uride element child add rotor <radius> <isClockWise> [uride.create]
    (Adds a rotor with the given radius and direction as a child to the selected element)

    /uride element child add array <rows> <columns> <width> <lenght> [uride.create]
    (Adds an array with the given number of rows and columns as a child to the selected element)

    /uride element child add entity <type> [uride.create]
    (Adds an entity of the given type as a child to the selected element)

    Servers that use this plugin:

    There is no server that uses the plugin yet, however you can test it contacting me on skype: cristaling1

    API usage:

    Just add the plugin to your build path and you are ready to go

    There are 5 elements that extend the class Moveable:

    • Ride
    • CustomPath
    • ArrayMove
    • RotorMove
    • EntityMove
    Get the instance of a ride:
    Code (Text):
    UltimateCarousels.getAPI().rideMaster.rides.get(String name);
    Get the children of an element (Moveable):
    Code (Text):

    Despawn a ride
    Code (Text):
    UltimateCarousels.getAPI().entityMaster.killRide(Moveable ride);

    Start a carousel
    Code (Text):
    UltimateCarousels.getAPI().rideMaster.rides.get(String name).Start();

    Stop a carousel
    Code (Text):
    UltimateCarousels.getAPI().rideMaster.rides.get(String name).Stop();
    For any question, please don't hesitate to ask me on skype: cristaling1

    Javadocs coming soon.
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